Shared: Public Information Session – Sale of Midland PUC

Join us for an information session regarding the sale of the Midland Power Utility Corporation (MPUC). Hear from members of the ‘Transaction Team’ about the details of the sale. Upstairs Community Room at the NSSRC. To read about the history and background of the sale, please visit: Join us for an information session regarding […]

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Let’s Recap Where The Town Of Midland Stands

Word has it that Midland Bay Landing is dead as a door knob. What a lesson in counting chickens before they are hatched.  And speaking of bad, off loading a downtown parking lot was/is bad……so are the dozens upon dozens in-camera meetings at town hall. So much for a transparent local government.  Trying to convince Midlanders we […]


Town Of Midland Misleading Residents? Police Costs Are Wrong

The Mayor has gone on the record in local media and on the Town of Midland’s website telling us that the reason behind the OPP costing request is simply about comparing costs.  “Policing costs account for a significant part of the Town’s annual budget,” said Mayor Gord McKay.  Last year, Policing represented 27.5% of the municipal […]

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