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We are Midland... and we expect great things from our elected officials.

OurMidland.ca is a community-based news and public opinion website that is connected to social media through a Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Twitter account. The website is independent from the OurMidland community group but was created to support their various community causes and initiatives.

The site is supported by donations and advertising. This site shares user-contributed news and editorial and all auto publication is attributed to the CommTeam automation system. Contributed content may include an author name if the contributer consents. All submitted content is subject to our terms and conditions.

You may comment or contribute on both this site and our social media.  Comments are moderated and opposing viewpoints are welcomed – and expected although we reserve the right to enforce respectful communication in alignment with our terms, conditions, disclaimers and acceptable use policies.

To stay up-to-date with news, we encourage you to subscribe so that updates can be delivered to you by e-mail. The subscription form is available at the bottom of this website across all pages or from the menu system above.

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