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We are Midland... and we expect great things from our elected officials.

OurMidland.ca is a community-based news and opinion website that is connected to social media through our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Twitter account.

This group is managed through a committee of local residents who volunteer their time and organizational skills to oversee this group, the website and any formal action required to further the goals of this group and the community at large.

The communications committee responsible for this website and our social media initiatives is made up of volunteers.  The committee has a chair, co-chair, secretary, treasurer and advisors.  Want to meet the team? Come out to any of our events, or meet us on Facebook.  Our Twitter account is shared with whichever member is live-tweeting from a meeting or event.

You may comment or contribute on both this site and our social media.  Comments are moderated and opposing viewpoints are welcomed – and expected although we reserve the right to enforce respectful communication in alignment with our terms, conditions, disclaimers and acceptable use policies.  Your views may not align with those of our authors or other visitors on this site or social media but we offer our stories, news and opinion articles for your review and consideration.

Whenever possible, we cite sources and provide links to help you draw your own conclusions about the content and to rationalize the conclusions that we may have drawn when researching each story.   In addition to our own content, we publish or re-publish contributed news, press releases, letters to the editor, local events and promote local business through our business directory.

If you have a comment on a story or wish to collaborate by providing content for publication and discussion, use our comment forms or news submission forms to send your news, letters or events to our moderators.

We employ social media and traditional media communication to increase awareness around local issues and engage both proponents and opponents in discussion and debate.  We have contributing editors, guest authors and contributors who craft the articles and media found on this website, as well as sourcing relative stories published elsewhere.  If you are interested in providing content to the community feel free to contact us.

To stay up-to-date with our news, we encourage you to subscribe so that updates can be delivered to you by e-mail. The subscription form is available at the bottom of this website across all pages or from the menu system above.

What's Your OpinionOurMidland is YOUR Midland.  We may not always agree, but the dialogue goes on and our mission is to promote dialogue surrounding local news and issues that may otherwise go un-noticed or under-reported in other more traditional corporate media sources.

With over 30,000 page views monthly and growing, we have an audience.

Read… think… comment… repeat.


A devoted reader of Our Midland. ca commented that it takes bold  journalists/reporters to file up to date local news seven days a week. That’s really  the key to the success of your internet local news service Our Midland. ca. We constantly are tipped off about great local news stories. We appreciate readers thinking of us first, and thank them for their tips and suggestions. As this service grows you can count on us for  continued fair and objective reporting. Our volunteers don’t take lightly their mandate to report on the obvious  and to comment accordingly when an editorial observation is required. We thank our valued readers for their continued trust.
Doug Reed
Doug Reed
Contributing Author
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