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70th Wedding Anniversary!

70th Wedding Anniversary!


It isn’t that often you hear of a couple celebrating their 70th anniversary, but Midland’s Frank and Mary Graham are. They are really Mom and Dad Graham to generations of young people. Frank, Mr. Royal Canadian Legion, and wife Mary, a woman of many skills and passions have been an institution in town it would seem forever.

We grew to love and respect them when they single-handedly chaperoned Teen Town, first at the Oddfellows Hall, then at  Legion and lastly at Country Mill. They never forgot a face, took interest in one’s growing family, loved each other, their church, their town and their beloved family.

Their children are  they idols and their children’s children et al are too. Mary enjoys singing in St. Paul’s Choir, Frank enjoys meeting with school children to tell of the madness of war. An Army  gunnery spotter in Holland during WWII, he still takes time to tell he how Mary and his colleagues are honoured each time  they return to the Netherlands. Canadians are still highly  respected by the Dutch and they never forget Canadians for freeing them in 1945.

One should know since  he  is married to a gal from Hilversum, Holland. So to Midland’s elder statesman and his wife we extend happy anniversary greetings.

God bless Frank and Mary Graham.


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70th Wedding Anniversary!

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