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A Former Mayor With A Message For Midland

A Former Mayor With A Message For Midland


ted-symonsOn Dec. 10th, former Midland Mayor Ted Symons will be featured on the “Day in the Life” series hosted by Fred Hacker at the Midland Cultural Centre. Among Ted’s many adventures, Fred will be sure to raise his years as Mayor, elected at a time of uncertainty when change was needed at Town Hall. Perhaps there will be those who believe a similar atmosphere prevails at Town Hall today given the changes and issues currently before Midland’s local government. I can well recall Ted’s words, ” we need to get the staff off egg shells.” Ted did that and more.

Under Ted’s  leadership, the Town began to build again as Council, staff, indeed the whole community, pulled together for the good ship Midland. An atmosphere of harmony grew throughout Town Hall and the community. Ted, in fact, coined the term, “Building Relationships” as the Council and staff, with organized citizen involvement , embarked on producing community and corporate strategic plans.

midland-ontario-coat-of-armsWell proud of the Town, Ted also brought in the Town’s official Coat of Arms, a grant from Queen Elizabeth via the Chief Herald of Canada attached to the Governor General’s office. Included was Midland’s flag and the  Latin motto, “Persequi Qualitatem Vitae”, translated , ” Pursuit of Quality of Life”. That came from Ted engaging the community extensively and heard as the most singular desired objective of Midland residents.

Given the turbulent times the Town now appears to be experiencing on a number of fronts, for whatever reason, it will be refreshing to remember a time when the good ship sailed a steady course with Ted at the helm. Please find the time, support the Centre (only $19) and give Ted a good and deserved audience.  Click here to buy tickets.

Ted Symons was elected for 2 terms, serving 6 years, 1988-1994.  Ted is an engineer, lawyer, pilot, sailor, adventurer and now retired from his law practice.

fred-floodContributed by Fred Flood, who after 8 years with City of Kitchener, was first appointed to Midland as Deputy Clerk in 1980, then Clerk in 1982, then the Town’s first CAO in 1989 and held that office for the next 18 years, retiring in 2007 for a total of 35 years in municipal government.


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A Former Mayor With A Message For Midland

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