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Christian Island Car Ferry Deemed Unfit

Christian Island Car Ferry Deemed Unfit


In a press release on Thursday May 5th 2015, Beausoleil First Nation writes “As some may already be aware the Sandy Graham underwent another Transport Canada inspection as a follow up to ultra sonic testing that was undertaken last week.

As a result of the negative results of the ultrasonic testing and obvious significant metal deterioration in two water tight compartments, our application to prolong the 4 year dry dock until later this fall was not approved today.

As such, the vessel’s safety certificate was immediately amended to reflect the vessel’s condition. As of yesterday It is no longer certified to carry any passengers and is now only capable to transport 14 unmanned vehicles or 26 long tons.

The vessel as of Saturday May 7th will no longer be certified for use and will need to be transported to a dry-dock facility where only extensive steel work and all other repairs that are undertaken during a 4 year inspection would possibly make her fit to resume service and become certified but it is possible that it would not be cost effective given the age of the vessel.

We are actively working on alternative transportation at this point. In the mean time the Sandy Graham will operate on a modified schedule that will be posted tomorrow. The Indian Maiden will run in tandem on the same schedule to transport passengers.”

“Officials ruled last week Beausoleil’s ferry no longer meets safety requirements and needs “extensive repairs,” according toTransport Canada spokesperson Catherine MacPherson.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada spokesperson Shawn Jackson said INAC is providing Beausoleil with $1.1 million in annual funding for “ongoing ferry operations and maintenance” while the community waits for a replacement to arrive. They’re “currently working” to find a rental ferry that can accommodate cars, he said.

Jackson said the department provided $1.8 million between 2013 and 2015 towards the purchase of a replacement ferry.

That paid for a used vessel built in 1970, which Transport Canada spokesperson Catherine MacPherson said is still “undergoing a retrofit” and “remains in a dry dock in Alabama.” Work is scheduled to be completed in September.”

Christian Island residents and cottagers from the mainland who summer there are facing a terrible problem. Both Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton and Simcoe North MPP Patrick Brown have been apprised.  It now seems that the next move is by the Federal government…



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Christian Island Car Ferry Deemed Unfit

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