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Our Council Learns “Distraction Politics” From The Liberals

Our Council Learns “Distraction Politics” From The Liberals

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne made a key announcement today. Media expected she would comment on Brits voting to pull out European country club. Nope! Some thought she would react to Tiger Cats besting Argo’s last night in first game of the new CFL season.  Nope!
Would she review why she recently tweaked her cabinet? No way Jose! Ah, thought the press, she would comment on OPP probes of her government or the province’s ballooning billions in Canuck bucks  deficit. Wrong again.
Surprise surprise after announcing months ago 12 packs of beer would be sold in some Ontario grocery  stores…….she did it again. Are you ready?
CIDER will be sold in yes you guessed it, in some grocery stores.  In making the shell game announcement, we imagine, it was designed to turn attention away from her government’s plight to something more happier especially if Ontarians  love to sip cider. While Grassy Narrows First Nations suffer from Mercury contaminants in their drinking water, they can now sip on cider. Kinda the let them eat cake syndrome, eh?
Meanwhile, we are pacified with float-festivals, movies downtown and other local distractions while the real work of unravelling our local economy continues at Town hall, selling our profitable MPUC and the outsourcing of local policing to the OPP and then we’ve yet to see what plans they have for our fire-fighters… but hey, we can go swim in Little Lake and forget about the real troubles and trust our good politicians to do right by us.


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  1. This is all they do. TV, Media, and government all distract and mislead us to avoid talking about real issues. Until we all call them on it, it will continue to happen. Misdirection is a key tool in a magician’s arsenal. Abra cadabra forget about the fact that Wynne talked about having natural gas banned in the country. Ala kazaam we forgot about her selling Hydro One. This is high grade BS from a BS politician.

  2. Hey now. Trudeau isn’t so bad on the surface. He just allowed idiots to be a part of his cabinet. lol I think Trudeau under the right guidance could do some good for us.

  3. lol. Maybe haha. He is still a little naive. But his father would be proud of him. He has done some good for us. At least I think he has and given ample opportunity can do something great during his term. He may not be perfect but at least he’s not the dictator Harper was.

  4. With respect to your suggestion to swim in Little Lake Park, if you want to do that you have better hurry up because the lake will be posted for no swimming as the summer progresses. Mayor McKay’s “jewel” is only for looking at for a good part of the summer.

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Our Council Learns “Distraction Politics” From The Liberals

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