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GBGH’s Emergency Department Begins Phase 3 Construction

GBGH’s Emergency Department Begins Phase 3 Construction


Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has begun phase 3 of construction in the redevelopment of its Emergency department (ED). The final renovation to the existing ED will include a new main waiting room, a new See & Treat area for sub-acute patients and a new ED administration area.

“To accommodate this final phase of construction, GBGH will experience significant space challenges as there will be closures to the existing See & Treat area, as well as ED administration,” says Lorraine Harker, manager, ED. “We are also losing the main ED waiting area so a temporary waiting room has been set up inside the department. We ask for the public’s patience and understanding during this time.”

Phase 3 of construction is expected to last approximately six months. Given the limited space and an expectation the ED will be busy this winter due to flu season, GBGH is asking patients to be accompanied by only one person when visiting the ED.

“Once our ED is complete in the spring, it will have a significant impact on the care we’re able to provide to patients. We will be better able to meet growing demand and operate more efficiently,”
says Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH. “Although there will be challenges in the short-term due to space constraints, the expanded and renovated ED will help us see, diagnose and treat patients faster.”

Once complete, GBGH’s new ED will have nearly doubled in size. The complete renovation includes new trauma and treatment rooms with easy access to the operating room, two new safe rooms for mental health patients, a negative pressure room with an anti-room, bariatric lifts, a gynecological room, an eye room, a new triage area, a new waiting area, a new admission area for kids and the indoor ambulance bay. The new ambulance bay is also about to open, ensuring patients will be off-loaded comfortably inside this winter.


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GBGH’s Emergency Department Begins Phase 3 Construction

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