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“Highly Vulnerable Aquifer” On Health Hub Site?

“Highly Vulnerable Aquifer” On Health Hub Site?


Perhaps Council can tell us, since they will have to at the OMB, why a simple 3-minute visit to the Simcoe County GIS Map shows that the section of Edgehill Park that they propose putting a stormwater management pond on, part of the Health Hub land, happens to be classed as a “Highly Vulnerable Aquifer”.

Every day, simple research by ordinary residents turns up more and more information that we have never heard debated or discussed in relation the rushed re-zoning of Edgehill Park for the new health hub.  What’s the hurry?  Council has said that the proponents funding will expire; so they need to push this along.  How nice.

Once again, we find evidence that “Due Diligence” seems to be nothing more than a pacifying slogan with this Council.

In another cruel irony much like closing the barn doors after the livestock has wandered off, at tonight’s Planning And Development Committee meeting, the topic land use policies based on Hydrogeological Studies is on the agenda.

Mayor MacKay and Councillor Canning:  show us where you considered this groundwater protection in your planning for the Edgehill Park land deal?  Where is the environmental study that alerted you, and interested public to this designation? What was your rationale for forging ahead without further studies and assessments?  

“Part III of the Clean Water Act applies in a source protection area where a Source Protection Plan has taken effect. Section 39 of the Clean Water Act requires that any decision under the Planning Act made by Council shall conform with the significant threat policies of the SPP and have regard to the other policies as set out in the Source Protection Plan.”

Why was this not discussed before voting to rezone the land affected by this very condition?  Why was Council and the public not made aware of this and was any consideration made prior to tonight’s meeting?

We have given and continue to provide Council with AMPLE evidence to allow them to “save face” and repeal this decision and bring it back for more objective evaluation, yet they defiantly refuse to consider the fact that they may have made a mistake on this decision.  What will it take?  How much tax money will they spend defending what is, to any objective outsider, a poorly-executed decision made in haste to appease a proponent who is driving this agenda with the help of some of Council’s members.

The meeting starts at 7pm.  We will be there.  If you want more detail, read the Severn Sound Regional Groundwater Vulnerability report attached below.


What Is A Highly Vulnerable Aquifer

Highly vulnerable aquifers are defined as subsurface, geologic formations that are sources of drinking water, which could relatively easily be impacted by the release of pollutants on the ground surface.

The Intrinsic Susceptibility Index (ISI) method was used to map highly vulnerable aquifers in the Source Protection Region.  The factors considered to assess the vulnerability of an aquifer are the depth to the aquifer and to the water table, the properties of the overlying soil and/or rock and the aquifer composition.

A significant portion of the watersheds are highly vulnerable to aquifer contamination. This is primarily due to the conditions where the water table is shallow (in  this case next to Midland Bay), the overburden is thin and permeable (or absent), and the aquifer is fractured bedrock. The vulnerability of the aquifer decreases in this area only where soils are thicker, such as on moraines and drumlins.

Areas of high vulnerability are due to thin permeable soils and a shallow water table. 



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  1. The “highly vulnerable aquifer” is only on a tiny part of the hub site. It also covers quite a portion of Southern downtown Midland, an area which is developed, apparently without any issues. If you look at the map that you provided the link for, a good portion of Simcoe county sits on top highly vulnerable aquifers, including developed areas, also with no apparent issues. It may take only three minutes to find this info but apparently at least five minutes to put it in some sort of perspective.

  2. Wow Oliver Eric Bielefeld do you work for the health hub or something? Why are you so closed minded and defensive? I have been following your posts and am shocked that you seem to be so opinionated and anti-evidence.

    The surveys that are on GIS mapping system, such as this one I just visited, were not available in 1950 and we never paid any attention to such things when the town was built. Now that we know the impacts on the environment and how the water systems interconnect (google Oak Ridges Moraine to learn more) we are not free to simply discount the science we know and build on protected lands to suit our own needs and wants. That has been clearly supported in law.

    If you are, as you seem to fancy yourself, an urban planner with the ability to quickly diagnose and discount the value of the legislation that protects our source water, then please provide something more substantive than what you seem content to post here.

  3. I work for Waypoint, Cory. You knew that. Is that suddenly a problem? Just because I work for Waypoint doesn’t mean I agree with everything they stand for. I wasn’t aware that our midland.ca had any fancy urban planners and that they vetted this “article” before it was published. For either of you guys to call me “opinionated” is like the pot calling the kettle black. As for closed mindedness, Cory, you’ve just dismissed my point of view with “employee”. I’m close minded because I don’t agree with you? Show me where I am anti evidence. Most of this page’s campaign has not depended on any evidence. In fact much of your campaign has been negative. Anybody who disagrees with you is automatically part of the elite and your recent “fail” is extremely negative as the “public”, which you claim to represent has let you know loud and clear.

  4. Nope not at all. I support mental health wholeheartedly Oliver. As a matter of fact I have quite a few friends that work in the field. This has nothing to do with mental health. Just the destruction of parkland. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat myself on this FACT! Maybe one more time, maybe a million more times. But I will keep repeating it till you get it hopefully.

    1. We are told that the brown field status of the Midland Bay Landing grounds would have delayed the approval because of the studies and remediation, and since there was a overt push to move this along to meet the funding deadlines of the proponent, they ruled it out. In our view, they put the funding needs of the health hub before the good of the community’s parkland simply because the other site(s) not have fit their timelines. It’s all about a custom-made solution to the proponent’s problem at our expense.

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“Highly Vulnerable Aquifer” On Health Hub Site?

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