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Interim CAO Named By Town Of Midland

Interim CAO Named By Town Of Midland


“The Town of Midland is pleased to announce the hiring of Gary Wood as our Interim Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). ”

Gary has spent nearly 32 years in municipal government and before retiring, he held the role of CAO for Grey County.  Prior to his CAO role, Gary was the Director of Finance for Grey County as well as the Treasurer for the City of Owen Sound.  Gary holds both a CPA and CMA designation.

Gary will be with the Town of Midland for a period of up to six months while the search for a full-time CAO is being conducted.  

Here is some background on Gary’s experience in Grey County and another article about his retirement.

Good luck Gary.

Ref: http://www.midland.ca/Pages/News-room.aspx#Interim


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  1. He’s walking into some drama, we truly wish him luck and hope to see some balance from town hall. If he keeps the lobby groups reps at bay and his own wits about him, we will have far less to talk about! Our concern is that his hiring (which will be well paid) can be credited to MidlandCommunity’s head of lobby and spin as Mr Ellis was on the selection committee. We will be watching that relationship carefully. If the rumours are founded, we are about to lose another top talent at town hall just as Gary takes office.

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Interim CAO Named By Town Of Midland

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