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Local Newspaper Afraid To Run Our Cartoon

Local Newspaper Afraid To Run Our Cartoon


In a surprise today, the local Metroland newspaper refused to run our “paid” editorial satirical cartoon that captures the latest round of the fight.  Up until now, the paper has been covering much of the events surrounding the controversial Edgehill Park outcry as well as this group’s opposition to the chosen location and the issues surrounding Council’s dogged determination to continue the re-zoning despite so many reasons to pause the process for reflection and second thought.

The paper paper provided the following as their reasoning for not running the paid insertion in this week’s edition:

Citing laws of Defamation in Ontario and their assertion that the cartoon was “too controversial” – “Metroland has determined that the libel risk prohibits the running of this ad in The Midland Mirror.”

Now, we are not lawyers, but we know how to use the internet.  We found the following that confirmed our existing belief that those who publish the truth are in no danger of either libel or slander as long as it can be backed up by fact.


Defamation is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as: The act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person…A false written or oral statement that damages another’s reputation.– Sep 26, 2007

It only takes reading the first few paragraphs of the law (http://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90l12) to see how this political matter could easily be considered privileged and that since it is based solely on facts that there is no jeopardy to any party.


Waypoint Injects Their Lawyers Into Town's OMB Challenge

The cartoon above, simply tells the truth (that Waypoint has hired big-gun lawyers to insert themselves into a zoning bylaw OMB appeal aimed solely at the Town of Midland) we would argue that there is no risk to the paper or ourselves as long as the statements within it are based solely on fact – which they are.

Click here to read the whole story that accompanies the cartoon.

The only other explanation is that the paper’s publishers have cowed to a legal opinion that seems to be flawed or mis-applied and denies impartial and unbiased coverage – preferring instead, the “safe route” when they have no jeopardy in the first place.  The short term for their decision to stay away from this paid insertion is simply “Media Bias”.

media-freedom-newsfirstSadly, as our only print media news source in the community, it seems that if a topic is “sensitive” or “controversial” we can rest assured that we won’t read about it in their paper and that they have effectively “taken a side” in this battle and aligned themselves with a large and wealthy health corporation and the Town of Midland who both spend far more money in advertising than this small community group.

We won’t bother digging through archives to support our conclusion, as it is easily drawn based on this decision to “play it safe” and refuse to publish a simple political satire cartoon that only speaks the truth about a sad situation in the Town – a fight backed by more than 1800 local readers, taxpayers and residents.

It is truly a dark day when Council ignores so many AND the local news source follows in lock step just when the community needs them the most.

RIP Midland Mirror:  You were once a credible and non-partisan news source and we will miss you.  We don’t ask that you agree with our views, or take our side, but to deny us paid advertising space to draw attention to a social injustice (supported by a large contingent of our community) simply due to “fear” of baseless retaliation is cowardly and undermines your reputation.  Long live a “free” press.


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  1. They did post an editorial cartoon a few years ago commenting on the state of our downtown area with a dirty easter bunny and syringes even though they got a lot of flack for it.
    I noticed, and was disappointed this summer to see they were selling their front page as advertising that had the look of a news story. You would think money would have to be tight to do that. Perhaps in this economy where it is difficult for small business to justify the high cost of ads in the Mirror, they feel they need to placate the customers that are paying for regular ads.

  2. A newspaper is suppose to be neutral not worrying about who they are going to upset or refusing to publish something because they might upset their high paying clients.

  3. It’s a sad day for democracy when the media losses it’s objectivity because they’re afraid of offending a corporate entity.

  4. I think the cartoon is a bit “Overkill?” It is a borderline situation. We now have only one newspaper in town. ONE NEWSPAPER. There is no competitor any longer, so you’re kind of stuck there with that. I think the ad/cartoon is inappropriately overstated. I know the editor Travis Mealing. I worked with him. He’s not stupid and he had to make a decision which was probably down to 50/50. My suggestion is try again using a little more reasonable artistic licence. If you’re right and the Mirror is suffering from “Media Bias” as you refer to it, then that is their shame to deal with.

    1. Mark, it is our understanding that Travis was simply told not to run this by his superiors. We don’t fault the editor. They could have used any reason they wanted not to run the cartoon (which is based on 100% fact – no overstatement involved – read the story in full to see foundation) but they chose to cite “legal reasons” that are without merit in this case. The paper is afraid of controversy, especially when based on truth. If this were unfounded mud-slinging, we would expect them to steer clear. In this case, the satire simply depicts a valid and truthful situation. With this decision, based on false legal pretence, they risk becoming a sanitized wrapper for the bulk of their current content – flyers. As our ONLY major print media, we expect far more from them. Just read all the stories on this website that NEVER get picked up by the paper. We would not exist if our media dug into the real issues in the community. The sad reality is – they made us.

    1. Thank you for caring enough to weigh in Mark. If you are still in the photo journalism business, we’d be happy to feature some of your local work and our audience would appreciate another community voice with a passion for fact and truth… and a good eye for composition. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested.

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Local Newspaper Afraid To Run Our Cartoon

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