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UPDATED: Midland Council Salaries & Benefits 2015

UPDATED: Midland Council Salaries & Benefits 2015


Council meeting on Tuesday March 29th (un-televised or recorded for some reason) attendees had the opportunity to review the tax dollars paid to Midland Mayor and Councillors for 2015.  The $264,184.30 paid does not include extra monies paid from the County of Simcoe, the Airport Commission or the Midland PUC.

We have learned that Gord McKay was paid an additional $25,363.17 for sitting on County Council and Deputy Mayor Mike Ross was paid $18,389.13 by the County.

That brings the Mayor McKay up to:  $68,434.29 ($43,071.12 (Midland) + $25,363.17 (County))
and Deputy Mayor Ross up to:  $55,260.11 ($36,870.98 (Midland) +$18,389.13 (County))

Not bad for a part time job funded by taxpayers and including a rich and comprehensive benefits package.

Council rejected freezing their wages and any notion of removing benefits (they are the only part-time employees of the Town of Midland to get the benefit plan).  Furthermore they have repeatedly demanded that the Town cut staff (and have fired staff accordingly) and don’t mind paying out millions in severance and salary continuation (numbers that we estimate at $1.5 Million dollars).  The true costs will eventually come out as we understand they are the subject of at least one FOI request.

We expect that this story will result in many responses online about how many hours our councillors work, how many committees they sit on (many include compensation & stipend) and how some may actual feel that they are “underpaid”.

We won’t trivialize how much work goes into being an informed and well-read councillor, but it should not come as a surprise to any of them.  They knew the job description when they ran for office.

What is troubling is how they seem content to denounce spending on services (emergency and otherwise) in town but fail to recognize their own salaries and benefits as a large part of the town’s expenses.  This “do as I say and not as I do” attitude while looking for ways to save money on the backs of the public servants will not make Midland the attractive destination that they have undertaken to promote.  As Council seems to nickel and dime and micromanage every staff decision and recommendation many see our Council as dysfunctional and stuck in the weeds when it should be managing from a much higher level.  On this, we find ourselves in full agreement with the local lobby group.

Where is the leadership in 2016?  With Council granting itself a pay raise yet again, we see nothing but contempt for the town staff that keep the town running year-over-year as elected politicians come and go… when will we see council leading by example?

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    1. Figured you’d be the first to comment and I think you tried to get the wages frozen but were unsuccessful. Good on you for trying.

    2. Some of us request different training, or attend conferences and have the option of compensation for hotel stays etc.

    3. Cody Oschefski thanks…you would think the basic salary would be the same but the addons would make the increase

  1. Yes if council can not freeze their wages then how can council have the temerity to attempt to trivialize the wages for those who work daily at their jobs and these are duly negotiated pay scales. Any attempt to break union contracts and to trivialize the work of an employee is a travesty of the respect due employees. If pay decreases for employees are required then one needs to look at negotiated pay cuts or staff cuts based on appropriate work flow analysis.

  2. I have some queries… lol! How many hours on average per week would each Council member spend on Council duties?A full time job at minimum wage yields roughly $24,000…. When they say Salaries and Benefits, what if the member has another full time job with benefits? … are they compensated in wages instead? What types of renumeration are received from County of Simcoe, PUC, etc.? ….

  3. Hii Lisa Rose, on average I work 20 hours a week or so on council including all of my boards that I currently sit on. I have a full time job with benefits and I had benefits with the town last year as well. I just figured out I can trade my benefits for the equivalent in compensation, I believe it is approx $75 a week but I have yet to see it on my pay. I am unsure about any remuneration from the boards as all of mine are unpaid.
    Hope I helped!

    1. .. hold the bus! … did you mean $75/week for benefits or for the month? Jesus if it is $75 per week I would like to know what the coverages are!!

    2. Apparently it is a very good plan. 🙂 I am not sure. Like I said, I can’t verify the numbers until I see it on a pay stub 🙂

    3. That’s what our company pays for our company benefit plan, about $65 a week per single employee, and about $140 per family plan. That’s what a decent plan costs a company. I would presume the town shops it’s plan around, because there is huge variance in identical plans. I’ve seen as much as 50%.

    4. It’s been a while since I had a plan, but paid $150 a month for family coverage for a really good plan as an employee of an Insurance Company. Most council members have other jobs with plans I suspect. Perhaps cutting the benefits would help the Town’s bottom line.

    5. Some it wouldn’t impact but someone like councillor canning who had a business and a young son would probably miss the benefits.

  4. As always you are very forthcoming! Such a refreshing change in a political figure. That being said, I understand why you were in favor of a wage freeze. I mean absolutely no offense, but if your average council member is spending 20 hours a week, that would translate to over $20 per hour before calculating benefits and perks should there be any. I bet the average salary of a Town of Midland Employee is not that high. Seems reasonable to me that any Council Member that wants to make cuts at the Town should be ready to put their money where their mouth is!

  5. I don’t disagree, i’m certainly not there for the pay. 20 hours a week is still tough to do with a full time job as well. I also attend a lot of public events and throw some of my own that I did not include in the hourly count. 🙂 Tonight’s meeting will be 6pm to 11pm or later. After working 7-330 that makes for a 16+ hour day. It took me 5+ hours to read the 599 page agenda as well. Im not complaining, I wouldnt change it for the world.

    1. I can tell you put in a lot of time.. social media and events, etc. .. but I see YOU out there, not noticing a lot of other council members. I can also tell you aren’t in the job for the pay and that’s a good thing because we want people that are in it because they care about others, not what they can scoop up for themselves.

    2. I plan to run again in 2018. I care about this town more than almost anything, it has become my passion and my hobby :).

  6. Many retirees do not have plans of any kind and there are many retirees in Midland. Those retirees are paying out of pocket for many things.once you are 65 you have assistance from OHIP for medications but not dental. Two years ago I required a tooth extraction which with the single xray I allowed cost me 500 dollars. I am fortunate I rarely need dental work.

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UPDATED: Midland Council Salaries & Benefits 2015

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