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Midland Help Wanted –  CAO & Now CFO Treasurer

Midland Help Wanted – CAO & Now CFO Treasurer


With the announcement of the selection of an interim CAO as the search for a replacement for Carolyn Tripp continues, we have now learned from several sources inside Town Hall that our good head of finance and treasurer Marc Villeneuve (CFO) is moving on to greener pastures in Orangeville in the next few weeks.  Congratulations to Marc for his hard work during some of the most difficult times in Midland’s history.  It comes as no surprise that the continued bleed of top talent continues – either by “retirement” or those fleeing the floundering “good ship Midland” on their own terms.

We have yet to see a help wanted sign in the windows of Town Hall or on their pixel board out front, but it should come as a wake-up call to Council that it might be hard to attract new talent to the community until they get some control over their human resource issues.  A lobby-group controlled town hall and Council is not the ideal environment to attract the talent we so desperately need to replace those who have left over the past two years – coincidentally since our Council’s term began.

When considering a replacement for Marc, the Town should consider the remuneration of this position when continuing to complain about empty pockets.  The sunshine list website shows past few year’s growth in salaries for the CFO position in Midland.



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  1. question: Becuase I do not know anything about Firehalls–why does a small town like Midland need a Firechief and four Captains?? Why does a financial officer get 8+ % increases each in two years. There isnt an employee anywhere that I know of who has received that kind of percentage in one year in the last twenty years let alone in two years when the town is “suffering” There is something seriously wrong with this picture Maybe the town’s Financial officer position needs to be contracted out while Midland gets its house in order

  2. I am getting quite tired of people who have high end jobs thinking it is appropriate for them to have huge percentage increases compared to the employees who are doing the hands on work. Then they all want to bust the unions. The unions would never have been necessary if those up top had treated those doing the work fairly. Tell me what planet you live on that you think 8+% up top is ok when down beneath is getting 1-2% if they are really lucky. Then explain to me why unions are not needed. WAKK THE TALK

  3. Wow, an 8.7% increase for one of their highest paid employees? Meanwhile council has in the past frozen the salaries of many town employees, and wishes repeatedly do so? IMHO Midland is on a serious downward slide.

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Midland Help Wanted – CAO & Now CFO Treasurer

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