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Midland Police Escort Torch Run In Midland – and – Penetanguishene?

Midland Police Escort Torch Run In Midland – and – Penetanguishene?

Midland Police cruiser escorting torch run participants in Penetaneguishene

The law enforcement torch run for special olympics took place today.  In following the event on Twitter, the turnout was great and the weather co-operated for this worthy cause.  What struck me as odd is that our local police, who escort parades and events in Midland was asked to escort the participants as they made their way through neighbouring Penetanguishene today.  While I applaud our ability and willingness to help keep the participants safe in our neighbouring community, it begs the question – where was the OPP?

With our local council seemingly deeply committed to exploring having the OPP take over policing in our community and presumably assuring us that we will not lose any service levels in doing so, this lack of OPP presence at the “Law Enforcement” torch run in a community they are contracted to police is concerning.

Is this a sign of things to come in Midland?  I am happy that our local police could help out but why did the OPP not assume this duty?  I don’t suspect this help we provided left Midland any less protected but this was the OPP’s turf.  This comes days after learning that the annual toy ride would not happen again this year due to lack of OPP participation in traffic control – which used to be provided for free.

Kudos to our local cops for helping out!  I can only hope that Council looks at this example of community service and asks the tough questions when the OPP present their bid to take over policing in Midland this fall.


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  1. Yet they couldn’t get behind the toy drive. Real nice of them. Charity is charity. I mean I’m glad they got behind this one but they definitely left out an important charity event in my opinion.

    1. The local cops had nothing to do with the toy drive.. that was in OPP area. Our local cops did traffic control for this event in Midland and then had to do it in Penetang too since no OPP were available? That is the real telling issue here… and what we have to look forward to if we go OPP I guess…

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Midland Police Escort Torch Run In Midland – and – Penetanguishene?…

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