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Midway Coming To Downtown Midland


Midland Council is debating where the final location will be but Midland will be hosting the Worlds Finest Shows Midway Friday May 6 to Sunday May 8th.  The event will either be in the parking lot of the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre or at the Town Dock.  Council and town staff will finalize the location in the next week or so but has authorized the Town staff to give the event organizers a green light for the midway.

Safety concerns around children being so close to the water’s edge as well as the traffic on Bayshore Dr as well as around the waterfront in general were raised by Councillor MacDonald, and noise from the event (loud music etc) will be present at either location.

The Worlds Finest Shows website shows ticket prices as follows:

  • 22 coupons for $35
  • 40 coupons for $50

Single Tickets Available. They accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard at all of our ticket booths. Rides take 2-3 coupons per rider depending on the type of ride.




  1. Think this would be a great idea! Brings back memories of the sidewalk sale and midway that we would have in the summers and shut down king st. Good times and memories.

  2. So many great memories come to mind. This is something I would love to share with my son as it was something I loves and waited every year for when I was a kid.

    1. Yes it would but they are trying to decide between the dock and sports centre…the dock may not work they said as they are worried about the kids being near the water and bayshore traffic.

    2. It used to always be up in the sports centre before it was the sports centre and I like the idea of it being back there again.

    3. It used to always be up in the sports centre before it was the sports centre and I like the idea of it being back there again.

  3. Great idea. Yes the sidewalk sale and the fall fair of the late 70s were great. Such good memories. Should even try to get the circus back in town

  4. You shouldn’t have the headline as the midway coming to downtown when it hasn’t been confirmed and the other option is another place completely.

    The fair use to be at the rec centre but a midway use to be downtown in the area of Valu Mart. I think they should have it there again. No fears of the water or any problems of wind coming off the water to cause issues or making people too cold and keeping them away.
    Close off King for a couple of blocks but still have the side streets open like they do for ArtWalk.
    People can enjoy the midway and the businesses will benefit as people will be right at the shops.
    Being at the dock people can easily just go there and avoid the shops.

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Midway Coming To Downtown Midland

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