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Missing: Midland Bay Landing Developer?

Missing: Midland Bay Landing Developer?

Ken Michaud / Consar
Ken Michaud / Consar

The deal between the Town of Midland and Ken Michaud of Consar Development Corporation to buy the former Unimin property from us and develop the Midland Bay Landing waterfront as well as build condos etc was signed on March 20th 2015 to much fanfare despite the fact that Michaud has a criminal past in relation to failed waterfront development.  We all recall Mayor Gord McKay’s tacit defence when questioned about this where he uttered “we are not all lily white“.  With no axe to grind with Mr Michaud if he follows through with this project, we have been skeptically watching for progress, hoping our fears don’t realize.

We beat that dead horse online and offline and yet Council stood by their man despite so many good reasons not to – in our and many other people’s opinion. Notwithstanding those concerns, Consar was selected and had 18 months to do the first phase, which was remediation of the site to remove the silica and other contaminants that make human habitation impossible.  The deadline for that work to be complete is September 20th 2016.  Now, we are no developers but it doesn’t take an engineering degree to see that nothing has been done to that property and in our consultations with those experienced in these projects, it is too large and expensive to pull off on time if started today and certainly not for the price quoted.

Where is Ken Michaud?  Where are his “chinese investors”.  What does the Town of Midland know about this deal that appears to be as bad or worse than it first appeared when we reported on it last.  Is the town trying to save face with our “missing in action” developer?  When are they going to come clean on what they know, when they knew it and what they are planning to do about this mess?

With our council’s history of secrecy, in-camera meetings (for which they were just scolded again by the Ombudsman) and lack of transparency – they hate groups like ours poking our nose into these affairs, it may take some time until they come up with a version of the truth, sanitized for public consumption, finally revealing how bad this mess is and what it is going to cost to pull out of the deal, get it out for tender from a reputable and well-funded developer, or see that Consar delivers and gets this jewel of Midland’s waterfront project back on track.

Lead photo source: Dallas Morin


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  1. Of course. He’s probably another one of McKay’s buddies. What else is new? I don’t want to talk too badly about McKay though because he has done some good in the community however if he is the one who helped to get Michaud approved for this project then he should probably be held as accountable as Michaud himself if the work is not completed by the set deadline. Obviously we need to do more thorough background checks on our electoral candidates. The crookedness of politicians is nothing new but maybe we need to devise a way to weed the corruption out. I for one am sick of corrupt politicians running my town. I want a town I am proud to live in. Not one that sells off it’s assets and hires less than savory characters for these types of big projects. I am quite bothered with the current status of our town and I am honestly considering leaving it for something better. I will not live in a town where greed and corruption are allowed. I can say that when McKay’s buddies are no longer part of council then the town will truly have a chance. Until then Gord’s buddies out number the honest council members and we don’t stand a chance with anything being done right here in Midland. I would like to see the day where a truly impartial council exists. I just don’t expect it any time soon. I believe this is a sad harsh truth that we all have been forced to swallow. Well if it doesn’t change then see ya Midland thanks for the lifetime of memories. The town was nice once.

  2. Two more years… and we don’t expect to see Gord run again. Mike Ross wants his job and Cody Oschefski want’s Mike Ross’s title… Who knows how this will end. We expect full disclosure (the good, the bad and the ugly) from our politicians on what the heck is going on here and what they plan to do about it – and how much this is going to cost us all.

    1. Well when the truth comes out that will be for the best but I don’t like that fact that Midland appears to be just hemorrhaging money. And more will be “pissed away” for lack of a better term, when said truth comes out.

    2. Well, they will have a bucket load of money when they sell the PUC. They will need that to pay off the police and fire if what we see coming is the reality…

    3. I don’t want to live in a town that is willing to sell it’s assets to the highest bidder. Or for that matter one that is willing to rezone Park land that is owned by the whole town and used by many to accommodate a new mental health facility when existing buildings would suffice. I can think of one building on King Street that could easily have been converted. I may be wrong but they didn’t exactly look very hard for a better place to accommodate the new facility. And I won’t stick around to watch Midland go down the crapper if PUC sells. I want my town the way it was when I had positive memories of this place. Not the garbage it’s turning into. If the town sells off all of it’s assets it is going to start looking like a Canadian version of Detroit. No thank you. I would rather live in a town I feel secure in and would be happy to raise my daughter in. If Midland keeps going the way it is then it isn’t the town I will be raising my children in. I won’t live in a town where I have to keep a baseball bat at my door.

    1. Yes we do. And it needs to come out now. This closed meeting crap is a joke and it just goes to show you that our politicians have something to hide. Why have closed meetings if everything is on the up and up? Clearly they have something they don’t want us knowing. And my first and second questions to them is what are you hiding and why are you trying to run our town into the ground? This town is on a downward spiral going straight to hell in my opinion. I for one will not stand idly by and watch it happen. If it’s going to happen I’m skipping town. I’m probably not the only one. Needless to say they either need to fix the problem or step down and let someone who has the ca-honeys to do it right.

  3. I have been concerned about the old coal docks ever since the factory listed the property for sale. And when the Town decided to buy it, I was relieved because I thought we would finally have a waterfront park on Georgian Bay (similar to what Orillia and Barrie have) for all of our citizens to be able to connect with our fantastic lake. But such was not the case. The lake will continue to be enjoyed by those who can afford to own waterfront or a boat. That is blatantly unfair. Mayor McKay talks about Little Lake Park as being our jewel. Well this town has two jewels!
    I have been walking in this area for many years enjoying being at the water’s edge. I have had trouble spending time there now because of what I suspect will be soon taken away from us.
    I am wondering who actually owns this property. I see 2 boats that have availed themselves it would appear, of the free dockage. One boat is tied up in front of a lovely, small beach that in the past has been used for swimming.
    As far as the comments about council, I find that anytime I see the same block of council members always voting together, it appears suspect to me. How do these individuals always agree on the many questions that arise in the management of our community. They appear to have the same mindset. That is very destructive for democracy.

  4. Maybe Gordon McKay should take some tips from Gerry Marshall, or just step aside because Gerry will be the Mayor of both towns when they combine. The town is already starting to combine, it won’t be long before we see it called Simcoe North.

  5. It seems this project was not but out for General Tender, no bidders of the experience needed, bid on this project. How about Ellis Don, Con Drain etc. we all new that this contractor had failed in this area before.

    1. Wow. I think Ken needs to slow his role and get all the facts before he loses it on Cody like that in a public forum. I would. It is possible Cody was misinformed. I’m only making assumptions here but again it’s a possibility. If I’m wrong and he has all the information well then Ken can reply to my comment on the original post. As can you Cody. But Ken needs to slow down and let Cody have his say instead of making it a public spectacle like he has already done in the post.

  6. Oh come on now, our town council wouldn’t have hidden agendas and be miss leading us.? .. Seems our simple little town is getting complicated up cause of the wrong people in charge.. Hopefully next election can help us out with whom we are unhappy with..
    It does breaks my heart to see the water front I grew up with being given away.. Right or wrong this is how I feel..

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Missing: Midland Bay Landing Developer?

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