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MP Bruce Stanton Speaks To Us About Christian Island Ferry

MP Bruce Stanton Speaks To Us About Christian Island Ferry


In our followup on the story we filed earlier about the Christian Island Ferry being pulled out of service, we reached out to MP Bruce Stanton.  According to Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton, it has been a difficult period for the Christian Island ferry. The M.V. Sandy Graham (the one that’s outlived is life-cycle) arrived only in 2004 as an “interim” ferry awaiting a $27 million plan that was being worked up when we took office in 2006. That project never came to fruition, as we know.

“After looking at several options to re-cast the “permanent” replacement of the ferry, the Department and the Band opted for a used vessel at a cost of approx. $3.0 million. That’s the one being retrofitted in Alabama. The funding for this was approved, as the National Post article states, to a limit of approx. $1.8 million of federal funding. That retrofit is still underway.

“As was the case when the Sandy Graham had to undergo extensive repair several years ago, the community leased a barge/ferry suitable for vehicle use while it was away. I expect that is what will happen here, and the federal government will probably provide additional financial support to cover the lease until the (new) ferry is delivered from Alabama.”

Read More: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/first-nations-800-residents-cut-off-as-federal-government-declares-its-car-ferry-unsafe


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  1. This guys story is BS that ship arrived in 1998 as a band aid until we get a new one, the Alabama ship is the same damn age as the Sandy Graham and we
    Bought it in Partnership with the government. Maybe the MP should take the invitation to come to the island when asked not send a delegate!

    I really dislike the story and welcome anyone to our community to visit and see day to day life

  2. Usual story. One political party in power willing to abandon our First Nations brothers and sisters and once they leave office proceed to blame the next guy. Stop the ferry service to Toronto Island airport/community you will see outrage and outcry and magically yes a new ferry in very short order. This theme is getting so tiresome. Sometimes it’s just embarrassing to be a Canadian.

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MP Bruce Stanton Speaks To Us About Christian Island Ferry

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