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New Stop Signs At King/Elizabeth Take Effect


We have learned from Council’s general committee that the new trial stop signs at King Street and Elizabeth Street for northbound and southbound King Street traffic will go into force on Monday May 16th.  This trial, the subject of much debate online, was requested by the Seniors Committee and embraced by Council despite alternatives such as cross walks and push-to-cross traffic signals.  The signs warning drivers of the new stop signs have been in place for the required period of time and the trial is set to begin.

As a pedestrian or driver planning on crossing King Street at Elizabeth, I would urge extreme caution as there will be many drivers who fail to notice the change and don’t expect you to simply walk out or drive out in front of them.  Tourists and other seasonal drivers will need time to adjust to this change.

It has been learned that another set of stop signs are planned for King and Dominion.  No details about when they will be erected has been published by the Town.

Penetanguishene recognizes the need to alert drivers to critical stop signs.
Penetanguishene recognizes the need to alert drivers to critical stop signs.

In a lengthy debate about this with Midland Councillor John Main, it was suggested that if he refused to budge on his position about stopping each and every car going North/South 24hrs a day 365 days a year, for no reason (when there are no pedestrians) that he should consider other safety options.  He shrugged off suggestions about a press-to-cross cross walk or even this simple and safe addition that clearly warns drivers of the stop sign.  It is eco-friendly, solar powered and to not use it borders on negligent.

To put this into perspective, we received a tip from a reader who recalls “I remember when Council in the 80’s dictated, over the protests of professional engineers and police department, the installation of stop signs at Hugel and Woodland.  There were three major accidents with serious injuries, a multitude of minor accidents and after three weeks the Chief of Police ordered them removed. Lives were saved after that.  Will we see a repeat of that on King Street at Elizabeth and Dominion?”

We’ve said it before and will say it again, “those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it”.



  1. Thanks for tg reminder! I will stay off of King Street. Having lived my whole life here without stop signs on King Street, it will take a lot of getting used to this.

  2. Yeah lights should b put up there and plus lights should b put up Galloway and manly right at the corner were the school is as few ppl has been hurt already so I hope lights go up will not want see someone get killed there at all

  3. Has anyone noticed, that when the bus is parked in front of the library, you can’t see the new stop sign. Dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians.

  4. agreed. we need something flashing at that corner. it’s just too busy visually and will locals for a bit, and maybe the returning tourists.

  5. Trying to cross at the lights of King and hugel is dangerous. So I say that if some drivers are detoured from downtown because of the new stop signs then that’s a huge bonus. I wish there were lights at every intersection of downtown. To many drivers in to big of a hurry to watch where they are going as it is. I’ve almost be hit several times at King and hugel on my go. Mindless people trying to turn not paying attention. Stay out of downtown if you aren’t shopping.

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New Stop Signs At King/Elizabeth Take Effect

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