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OMB Appeal Filed With Town Of Midland

OMB Appeal Filed With Town Of Midland


One brave resident, after much soul searching, chose to step forward and be the “official” appellant in an OMB appeal of the two bylaws passed 20 days ago by 6 of the 9 councillors.   She is the voice of 2200+ Midland residents who oppose this land-grab.

The appeal document and fees were filed at 4:20PM just 10 minutes before the deadline.  Accordingly, OurMidland.ca will stand behind this brave community member and continue our parallel efforts, with your help, to lobby the County to stop the acceptance of the Official Plan variations that are part of this land deal.

Our fundraising activities were pulled offline late last night and have now resumed.  Please consider donating to our legal fund. The Town of Midland will be defending this action with our own tax dollars.

The fight continues to convince our Council to put the environmental needs of the community ahead of corporate wants. There are so many options available for our health hub, but only one Edgehill park and it’s worth far more to us than $1/year.  The hub will be built elsewhere and we won’t have lost any of the services that we currently enjoy.

The fear of reprisals by the Town of Midland, Waypoint or Chigamik (CHC) are negated by the new law passed TODAY against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

We are compiling our list of resources and documents and making them all available to the community online. Some of these require careful reading and others are quite simple.  Visit our document repository here.




  1. Now the hard work comes. I am trying to promote your cause with my circle of friends in the city. We had this happen to a park in Vaughan and this happens all over the province. I hope you get the funding you need.

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OMB Appeal Filed With Town Of Midland

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