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New 4-Way Stop At King & Elizabeth?

New 4-Way Stop At King & Elizabeth?


New Stop Sign

There has been discussion about installing traffic lights or a flashing cross-walk at that intersection but in what many see as a surprise move, it seems that the Town of Midland has decided to experiment with stop signs for northbound and southbound traffic on King Street.

The first question we ask is simply why?  We canvassed some of Midland’s finest and that is not a troublesome intersection for accidents – no more so than any other in the downtown core.  The next question is why now?  Was anyone in the community canvassed about this? When will the bag “come off” and will the town be taking any steps to educate the local community at large? It will be a real act of faith to venture across that intersection with the hope that drivers will take notice of that new sign – especially with tourist season fast-approaching.  What about the winter?  All questions that we can only assume were all discussed at length by Council.

Weigh in with your thoughts about this.  Maybe it’s a great idea, maybe it is not.   We can only draw similarities to the divisive changes that Penetanguishene has experimented with on their main street while trying out changes in preparation for their “big dig”.

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  1. Crossing King Street at Elizabeth as a difficult intersection had been highlit last year by Midland’s seniors and reported to the Midland Seniors’ Council, which in turn reported it to council for their consideration.

  2. Put up flashing pedestrian crossing and use the money left over to also install one a remax , entrance to soccer fields.
    Absolute bullshit that people forgot that pedestrians have the right of way.
    High school kids r playing frogger trying to cross to Tim Hortons, from St. T’s.

  3. This is an absolute joke. You can thank our town council who seem to want to be crossing guards. It is agreed that this is not a source of accidents.
    The real problem is that people will be diverted from King Street which won’t help downtown businesses.
    Mark my words that on long weekends the traffic backup will be all the way to Yonge street.
    Since when did town council become involved in disrupting traffic?

  4. i have never had a major issue at this intersection..i see more issues when the 4 way is up and running..more so in the winter months…lights at the intersections before and after this intersection seems enough…..the main street will be more congested with everyone having to stop and go……i can see drivers hitting the 2 side streets to avoid the stopping….the new sidewalk protrusion on that corner should be rethought….it appears your catering to the cultural center in my opinion

  5. well it might work for the spring summer and fall but look out in winter cars coming down king will not be able to stop when road is icy there will be more collisions .and the transit stops on that corner so that will cause more problems

  6. Alright now, now we can cross the street. Because every person in this town doesn’t know what a cross walk is. Lol

  7. The only time crossing any roads near the downtown has been problematic for me has been in the winter with the Percy’s Peaks idea. Can’t see what’s coming because of the highs of them.

  8. No Pat, pedestrians do not always have the right of way.
    Crossing at non cross walks is actually a crime and is called jaywalking. Even starting to walk out when the flashing count down starts at the lights is illegal. Just because everybody does it doesn’t make it legal or right.

    Bill, that is what I was thinking about. Coming down that hill in the winter with the snow and ice and not being able to stop.

  9. Being a police officer for many years, I can tell you without hesitation , that the vast number of vehicle property damage accidents ,as well as personal injury accidents ,occur as the result of rear end collisions and turns. Speeding contributes to very few of such vs the above on a statistical bases. Putting a stop sign at this location on a grade ,especially in winter will cause far more accidents and injury in one year than the current situation has in the last 10. Statistics prove such. We can not allow this to happen just because a facility known as the cultural centre was built

  10. Where is the traffic study to support this? Anyone have a link? It would an interesting read… the rationale behind this change should be clearly communicated to the community well advance of making a change on our main street.

  11. i think its a good idea, for almost 17 years i have lived in in a close vicinity of this intersection and have crossed here tons of times. This is the worst place to cross with children as people hardly ever do the speed limit down our main street, especially in the summertime. Also at some point i believe this intersection was a cross walk that everyone failed to recognize. I’d be happy if the provided lights there instead but this is a good start.

  12. The idea had merit but maybe more options should have been explored. Censor activated lights off Elizabeth for vehicle traffic with a push button for pedestrians might work better. Larger stop signs with flashing red warnings could be possible. Perhaps the least expensive would be just a light activated cross walk like you see in the larger cities. Flashing yellow band above the street. The way it is now is not particularly sensible for a main street intersection particularly when there is a downward slope in the road coming from the south and when you consider our winters. Were any of these options looked at? Was there citizen consultation other than the seniors group? How will this work for children? With the possibility of a major tragedy happening, is there some common sense in revisiting this issue? I also wonder why police are issuing tickets and not just a warning until everyone is use to the new situation. Downtown is having a difficult enough timing bring people to the shopping in the town center. Is this going to cloud any effort to reinvigorate this area and find people just not wanting to be downtown.

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New 4-Way Stop At King & Elizabeth?

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