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Please! Town Of Midland! Please!

Please! Town Of Midland! Please!

Penetanguishene recognizes the need to alert drivers to critical stop signs.
Penetanguishene recognizes the need to alert drivers to critical stop signs.

As I sat yesterday watching the new stop signs at King/Elizabeth, I was amazed at what I saw over a 45minute period.

80% of all cars on King Street did a rolling stop.
10% blew right on through without even a hint of stopping.
10% stopped properly.

No sign of town staff monitoring their trial. Police showed up as I left. Community contributors report that three police cars were there today ( thank God )

What’s it going to take to get the town to put up flashing lights to alert people to this change? Who has to die? I am not opposed to the stops although I still maintain it could be a push to cross system instead of 24/7 stops.

All I get is push back from our councillor / “engineer” Jonathan Main that it’s not needed???

Every car that blew the stop sign could have been a fatality. What’s wrong with Midland Council? Put a flashing light or something noticeable out there before someone dies! Please!

Am I alone in this thought? Can anybody get through to these people?

UPDATE:Not 15 minutes after we publish this, we see tweets from Midland Police about their efforts today.  23 people blew the sign in front of them and more while they were handing out tickets to those folks… they urge extreme caution and say the Town of Midland is now aware of this and taking steps!  This is hopeful!  At least the town will listen to their police since they sure don’t care what we or others have been saying all along!


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  1. I had to cross from the MCC, over to the YMCA employment center, and even with the stop signs, I was nearly hit by 2 cars. One who honked at me like I was in the wrong for crossing at a four way stop, and one who rolled through without even making the effort to stop until they were probably 15 feet before the corner. You either have to dodge traffic, or walk to the next set of lights most of the time to cross.

  2. I will admit I was going up king street this morning, it took me a few minutes to realize why the car was stopping

  3. I have avoided King Street since Monday. Its harder to notice the stop sign on your way down the hill than it is going up. With my luck I will remember to stop but will get rear ended.

  4. Now that the police seem to be involved I expect to see SOMETHING change tomorrow or the next day… they have too much liability to sit on their hands now.

  5. It seems that the Town of Midland was down there this evening putting up temporary stop signs like the ones that were at King/Yonge for months. Maybe we are not the only ones who think the execution of their “trial” was putting lives at risk?

  6. Then, at the end of the trial period they’ll take the signs down because nobody paid any attention to them.

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Please! Town Of Midland! Please!

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