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Save Edgehill Park: Petition Signature Count

Save Edgehill Park: Petition Signature Count


We have been asked by a Council member and some of his more ardent supporters to provide a detailed account of the Save Edgehill Park petition supporters.  “Guestimate” calculations have been made over the past months as we did some ‘mental’ math to combine the online signatories with the countless sheets of hand-signed petitions that have been at several business locations throughout Midland and also by going door-to-door.

Another bone of contention for our opponents is that they wish to discount the non-midland signatures as having no voice or value in the conversation.  Respectfully, we disagree.  The health hub (Waypoint & Chigamik), although based in Midland serve the entire surrounding community.  Shouldn’t those users have a voice even if they don’t pay taxes in Midland.

They may work, shop and enjoy all the services that our wonderful community has to offer but should have no say in its future you say?

Furthermore, the issue at hand is the re-purposing of parkland for commercial uses (no matter who that user is) and that is a National, Provincial and County issue as much as it is a Midland issue.

That being said, we have stripped out those voices for a moment and done the math.

Our total today is: 1851 Signatures
People identifying as living in – or – paying taxes in Midland: 1150

The statistics for voters in the last election in 2014 are:

Eligible Voters: 13,160
Ballots: 5,416
Turnout: 41.16%

Our math says that 21.2% of Midland’s 5,416 voters signed the petition.  That is statistically significant and should not be discounted by our elected officials.  The ‘yeah but…’ crowd will never concede this as significant but they are not the ones who are charged with managing our community or resources.

If you are inclined to add your voice to the petition, please click here.


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  1. Someone tell Cody Oschefski to share this with his band of brothers. They were going to town on your group yesterday after you failed him for his vote. LOL. We all had a good chuckle at the pub. Cody Oschefski, you are a good sport. I will give you that, but some of your followers are downright redneck radical. It takes all kinds. I am sure they mean well.

  2. I have been hearing banjos on both sides of this issue Justin Case. I would like to have the park but if it turns out that the Townspeople support the Hub, I will accept it. I don’t always agree with Cody Oschefski, but I do believe he is being as transparent as possible and has opened a forum on social networking from Council that did not exist before (probably gets some heat from it from other council members too I bet). I have watched him respond in a timely manner to all inquiries, and in supplying information that is requested of him. The one thing he asked for… a percentage of people on the petition that were from Midland, was met with indignation. Why can’t we treat the people involved with a little respect, and find something else to chuckle about at the pub?

  3. I think many councils could learn from his openness online. I think he got this wrong given all that I have read, but the town will decide next election right?

  4. I agree. All we can hope for is that all information gets examined and that those currently in power will take the appropriate action. If not to the satisfaction of the Townspeople then they will feel it in the next election. It may well be that the only good thing that comes of this Edgehill Park debate will be that people will take more care in choosing who to vote for.

  5. Lisa Rose you are right. The fact that this group formed out of nothing and people are paying attention to what is happening and contributing is the best thing that can happen in a democracy. I was heavily involved in this type of thing in Toronto (my home most of the time now) but still pay taxes in Midland so don’t feel out of place injecting myself into some of these discussions.

  6. This group IS a positive thing and yes it is getting attention, growing in an organic way. In my opinion it is not necessary to resort to “shock media” which only takes away from the seriousness of the message trying to be delivered. I am impressed with the amount of people taking part in these discussions – many who have never voiced their opinions in this type of forum before and that is great to see, but should we not be encouraging these people to do so in a respectful manner by example? If someone who has never felt “qualified” enough to voice their opinions finally does so, and they get shot down with rude personal attacks, they are not likely to ever speak up again. (This is not directed at you Justin Case, we all can grow here I think).

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Save Edgehill Park: Petition Signature Count

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