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Second OMB Appeal Of Edghill Park Rezoning Filed Today

Second OMB Appeal Of Edghill Park Rezoning Filed Today


At 3pm today the appeal documents pertaining to the County of Simcoe’s decision to approve Midland’s Official Plan Amendment (OPA#8) were filed with the County of Simcoe clerks.  This second appeal follows an existing appeal of Midland’s passing of two bylaws that saw the Official Plan amendment drafted for the County’s approval.  The County seemingly reviews the submissions, look for glaring errors and such, and after finding none on which to deny the rezoning, passed the amendment without further discussion.

In a story we previously covered, copies of the local petition with 2300+ names on it, calling on the reversal of this decision along with 250+ more signed letters directed at the County were not enough to sway County council or even consider the public backlash.  The appeal has been filed in support of the original appeal where it will be up to the Ontario Municipal Board to decide the fate of Edgehill Park and whether sound planning was involved in the decision to turn over 1/3 of the waterfront facing parkland to a developer who will build a “health hub” with funds secured by Waypoint Centre for Mental Health and our local Community Health Centre (Chigamik CHC).

The decision saw the largest civil uprising in recent history and that was not enough to sway local Council from reconsidering and recommending less contentious lands for donation to the Health Hub.  The community is now wide awake to what is happening in their community as seen by the intense support of the SOS GBGH petition and campaign which has caught the eyes and ears of our MPP Patrick Brown.

This story of the little park by the bay is far from over.

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  1. Good luck. Any news on the first appeal yet? The more I look into the OMB the worse I feel for you guys. They don’t care about public opinion and even less about the environment. Like you have published, this is David vs Goliath and the Province of Ontario.

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Second OMB Appeal Of Edghill Park Rezoning Filed Today

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