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Simcoe County Approves Midland’s Edgehill Park Plans

Simcoe County Approves Midland’s Edgehill Park Plans


At their committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday January 12th 2016, the committee was presented with 275 letters of opposition to the Town of Midland’s Official Plan Amendment #8 that “paves the way” (pun intended) for the commercial development of a Health Hub on that pristine parkland (of which the Mayor and most of Council feel we have an abundance – even calling it surplus).    That matter is the subject of an OMB appeal launched by a local citizen and member of this group.

Midland’s Mayor, Gord McKay and Deputy Mayor sit on County Council and Penetanguishene’s Mayor Gerry Marshall is the County’s Warden.  With all the talk of sharing services, amalgamation and Penetanguishene’s wish for a similar Health Hub in their community, it is safe to assume that all three of these politicians supported the motion despite overwhelming opposition.  While they may be punished for this at the next election, it is several years away and the damage will have long been done.

We don’t know how many votes for or against the motion occurred, we have learned that the motion passed in support of Midland’s vision to use the waterfront facing Edgehill parkland for commercial uses despite the letters of opposition, the petition with thousands of Simcoe County resident’s names and despite the fact that the matter is under appeal.

When asked about this the County representative replied that these matters are mostly procedural and pass without much, if any, debate.

Local government simply ignores opposition. Maybe “sunny days” for the Country but we predict “dark days” for this local government with their present track record.

Here is the link to the document.  Here is the link to the County agenda.   Your County councillors are listed here.


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  1. makes you wonder what the use of this level of government is , if it all get rubber stamped anyway
    it is not independent if your are your one judge (is the rule of conflicted of interest not applied here ???)

  2. I have a question. Was this rezoning and ‘transfer’ of land made public before it was done and if so, when and how.

  3. This is disgusting, this town has nothing. It’s retirement town now. I guess all the younger people need to move because there is nothing here for us, not even jobs.

    1. I agree health care is very important, but why on park land? There are many other open un-used areas in town. And I think the town needs to concentrate a huge amount of effort attracting more business and industry to Midland or everybody will leave this town and there will be no need for the extra health care. This town is dying FAST, I was born and raised here and it has declined a lot. There is nothing here for a future of anybody young, its a retirement town. We will have a town of elderly people with great health care, once they are all gone what becomes of these facilities and town?

    2. That is the exact reason I ran for council. I, with the developers, went over 20+ other locations, all of which did not fit their criteria. It only takes up approximately 25% of the park. I just started the Midland Youth Committee and the Midland enterpreneur roundtable group to encourage people in our area to start businesses and encourage growth. We have also formed the EDCNS, Economic development committee of North Simcoe that are actively looking to bring new businesses here. They have already got 2 offers on Pillsbury and they haven’t even closed their doors yet. I didnt realize how slow everything works in politics, we are turning the ship around, it is a very slow process though.

    3. no more jobs who we need desperately to keep people in town that and no more 1 mil dollar view over the bay for every one to enjoy .

    4. And Cody Oschefski you and i know that they will claim the whole park as soon as they have their hands on 25% as it says in slide 23 ( I think or 26 )of the waypoint presentation ROOM TO GROW

    5. By the time it is built, pending appeal, and then by the time they require expansion we will be a few councils away.

    6. Don’t kid yourself. They’ll have their lawyers argue past practices by the current council to ensure that more of Edgehill/Huronia Park is made available to them in the future. Remember their proposal had a slide that stated that the property met the criteria for “room to grow”. It will be extremely difficult and costly(our tax dollars) for a future council to prevent that from happening in court.

    7. Tammy Arboite, not at all. Im saying dont assume the next council will be in support as it may be a whole new group. I hope to be on the next few councils so it will be my problem, if I get back in.

    8. Cody Oschefski it’s nothing personal against you, I think you have done good things, I just feel this town needs some serious help. it’s sliding FAST down a slippery slope. I think the towns focus is on all the wrong things. seems nobody is accountable, everything gets brushed under the rug and what the mass majority of what people want need and say means nothing. not just this town Many, I guess this is the way of the future, welfare, no jobs, homelessness. it’s just incredibly sad.

    9. Tammy Arboite i agree we are in trouble here. High tax low income is not an easy label to remove and its hard to draw people and businesses here. Or to keep the talent we already have here. I am trying to bring positivity to Midland. Its not an easy task

    10. I understand that, it’s just a very sad situation. The world just gets worse by the day, I guess this is life where nobody has a say, only the people of power (government) and people with lots of money get to control us little people

    11. Over 1000 people said no to this build on parkland and councils ignored the people of this community including Cody he voted yes for this build

  4. and can’t even see people retiring here with no hospital( making a lot of cuts) , no malls, no shopping, except for food…..

    1. U are sure right about all the cuts so why then give parkland away for free ??? When this town has no money and we have to lose so much

    2. I read those issues a lot – people have to drive to shop, to get medical care, for services, entertainment – what is council saying about all of your concerns? A lot of seniors aren’t in a position for example, to drive to see a specialist or to get tests done in Barrie/Orillia – so what is the solution from council & hospital?

    3. Let alone the high property taxes we pay for an over serviced town….. Seriously anywhere but Midland and Penetang are enticing in that respect!!

    4. Simcoe County has some of the highest rental rates across province when averaged alongside higher numbers of low income residents and an aging population – with more lower income individuals including seniors & with no easy or no equal access to healthcare, physically and financially for those people, what happens to their ability to receive good healthcare, educational and other services? from simcoe.ca housing report – Conversely, the municipalities of Tiny, Tay, Midland, and Penetanguishene are experiencing less in-migration,
      an aging population, and a lower median income compared to many of their southern counterparts. What’s
      more, North Simcoe is host to the provincial Waypoint Mental Health Centre and the Central North Corrections
      facilities; to assist North Simcoe’s vulnerable population with its complex needs, a higher volume of
      housing supports are required.
      The Southern Georgian Bay area, while home to a thriving tourism industry, is also experiencing an aging
      population, high market rental rates, and a higher incidence of low income in private households.

    5. Carol Fortin-Marchand they are cutting services, hours, etc at Midland hospital, AFTER closing Penetang hospital…palliative, obstetrics, reducing surgery days..

    6. County council (even though there a couple of “local” politicians seated on it) have never given a rat’s ass about northern Simcoe County. Midland and Penetanguishene might as well not exist; any concerns are “poo pooed” away. I always though north Simcoe County should separate, so to speak, and have its own representation.

  5. I think there should be a permanent sign with all council members names that voted for this. In 10 years they will either be praised or condemned, but there will be no way to escape their legacy.

    1. When the companies that bought the old Indusmin property lose it to delinquent taxes, maybe the town will buy it back then.

  6. I will advise anyone who asks, not to use that “health hub” just for the simple fact that our own town coucil will be condoning the distruction of a piece of our towns history as well as our declining green space. Once in place, these actions are irreversible. The monies contributed to build the health hub, could be used else where, at an existing vacant building. This too, would have helped spruce up our run down town core in the process….

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Simcoe County Approves Midland’s Edgehill Park Plans

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