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Thanks Midland! We’re Growing For You & Because Of You

Thanks Midland! We’re Growing For You & Because Of You


Ever since OurMidland.ca first saw the digital light of day last fall, readers have quickly realized when it comes to airing local news on the internet which is fair, objective and current, readership is increasing.  

Our valuable readers and reliable tipsters/news sources make OurMidland.ca tick.  As a trust is developed between readers and reporters we are indebted to all here in the Heart of Huronia at the Gateway to the 30,000 Islands.

newspaper-going-out-of-businessWe will never be The Free Press/Herald nor are we trying to replace other major publications in Huronia.  In this technical age when newspaper presses are starting to dwindle, we take our mandate seriously – to provide all readers up to date local news from Huronia, nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks to our over 500 members on our Facebook Group and the many more who read and contribute on our website without necessarily identifying themselves by virtue of their social media profile.  Our membership online is not secret and anyone can browse the membership roster.  Others who choose to engage us without a social media profile enjoy relative anonymity but are equally important to our mission.

Our readership online is measured using Google Analytics and we show the number of “reads” (the eye icon) on each article on the website so you can see how many of your peers are getting the same news you are.

Furthermore, we are proud to have been the FIRST to publish many stories as of late catching more traditional news sources off-guard and scrambling to get their version of the stories we have already broken online.

We hope that you, our readers and peers in the community appreciate the work involved in getting these stories out there along with the ability to draw your own conclusions from our reporting.  We form an opinion after gathering our facts but ultimately let you decide if the matter is of concern to you and important enough to share and comment on.

Thanks Midland! there is much work to be done and our team of volunteers are committed to persevere.   If you have an idea for a story use our contact form on the website or if you need to remain anonymous, use our tip form.

To keep getting news we have several ways to stay connected:

  1. Visit this website often and comment on stories
  2. Like our Facebook Fan Page (you will see our posts appear on your timeline)
  3. Join our Facebook Group (you can comment and interact online – your comments appear on our website too)
  4. Follow us on Twitter to get real-time notifications from meetings and about some news stories (we don’t tweet everything we do!)
  5. Subscribe to this website and get news delivered to your e-mail inbox without having to visit the site or follow along on social media

We make it easy.  Do any or all of the above to stay connected.


Editorial Note: The views and opinions expressed in this and any article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of OurMidland.ca community news.  Research claims and form your own opinions.  All publication and participation must abide by our terms of use policy.

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Thanks Midland! We’re Growing For You & Because Of You

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