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Town Of Midland Experimenting With Live Streaming Meetings


At long last and as promised, the Town of Midland is experimenting with live streaming council meetings on YouTube.  This means that you can see the meetings on Rogers local cable (if you are a subscriber) and also follow along on the internet on any device capable of viewing YouTube. You are still invited to attend meetings in person, but the convenience of viewing online can’t be beat.  In addition, the videos are saved on the Town’s YouTube channel so you can watch them anytime after the live stream event has ended.  Much of our news gathering and commentary on Town issues comes from watching the meetings that have been recorded and uploaded to the internet.  It remains to be seen whether the live streaming initiative will be extended to ALL public meetings and committee meetings.  There is no good reason why they should not also be accessible online once the bugs are worked out.  We look forward to an announcement about this by the Town in the days to come.

It seems that audio problems still plague the stream, much as they do for both those who routinely attend live meetings and those who watch the Rogers videos.

The nice feature about the YouTube videos is that you can scrub forwards and backwards far more easily than Rogers (which often freezes and skips randomly when attempting to do so).  This way you can navigate to the sections of the meetings you may be interested in.  The titles and video overlays found on the Roger’s videos are not present on the YouTube videos yet, but if the Town was shown enough interest by those using the new service, they might dedicate the time to add them to the videos after the fact.  This would be very helpful to viewers trying to find sections of the meetings and knowing who was speaking or giving deputations.

Some have wondered why we only see one camera view instead of feeds from the many cameras around the room that are pointed at each councillor.  If there is an operator switching the camera views for Rogers, then perhaps the stream could be captured from the final view that Rogers gets from their video mixing board or whatever technology lives in the little cupboard at the back of the room.  A view of the person speaking would be a great upgrade to the initiative.

As for the sound, we are told that they are considering upgrading the microphones to ones that each councillor would wear so they would not have to lean into the desk-based microphones to be heard.

You can watch the latest council meeting above or visit their YouTube channel page and subscribe.  You can also visit the Rogers Community TV website and watch past council meetings that they have posted online.

So Bravo! Town of Midland.  This is a step in the right direction and makes the meetings far more accessible to the community.  Many people take interest in what goes on at the meetings and will enjoy watching and listening on their own time schedule.

Rogers: http://rogerstv.com/show?lid=12&rid=73&sid=5861&ref=MidlandTownCouncil

Town Of Midland YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZyTTENGQfUuN7M6vwFjLFw


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Town Of Midland Experimenting With Live Streaming Meetings

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