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Town Staff Reductions Continue To Cost Us Plenty

Town Staff Reductions Continue To Cost Us Plenty


In a followup to our coverage of staff firings & retirements at town hall, here are more details following a lengthy FOI request. Staff reductions can be a costly proposition, just ask our town fathers/mothers. Staff reductions on Midland’s payroll represent five. Add the combined total of all good old fashioned vacation and sick time banks paid out to employees subject to staff reductions for 2014 and 2015 for a total of $24,345.71. But sports fans hold onto your hats there’s more. Are you ready? Here we go.

The combined total of payouts related to termination/severance pay of the employees for 2014 and 2015 equals, over half a million bucks ($523,447.34)

How about legal fees associated with the above?  $10,989.83.

This figure does not include any salary or benefit continuances, which are usually part of the negotiated packages.  Furthermore this does not include the almost $200,000 for the police dispatchers outsourced to Owen Sound (to save us money).  Then there is the as yet undisclosed CAO severance package and legal fees stemming from that summary dismissal.  

We’re quickly climbing to ONE MILLION TAX DOLLARS!  Are we standing for this outrageous waste of precious tax money? Where is the outrage from the other community group dedicated to tax cuts?  Where do you stand as a hard-working taxpayer?  Our good mayor will say he’s doing his “level best”. Other councillors will distract you with shiny objects while we bleed tax dollars.

Talk about transparency? It took a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to access the various records related to staff reductions. One has to wonder why, these terminations happened? The last KPMG review of the Town’s operations stated that staff terminations were not needed because attrition would help the Town reach the desired reductions.  

This money has come out of Reserve Funds. If it had not, every household would be facing an increase in taxes for this item alone of over 6% and higher once the CAO and police dispatcher payouts get factored in!

After one defeated motion, Councillor Strathearn is poised to re-table a motion or plan to somehow carve out another 1.5 million from town staff salaries and benefits.  We will have to wait how the new plan will unfold, but Council needs to pay for these losses to our reserves somehow.  Troubling times.


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  1. R****s puppet council blowing money on hidden agenda. It sure looks like Nanaimo and Midland are being screwed over by the same man.
    Edit: The individual’s name used in this comment was not part of the article and has been obfuscated in accordance with our terms and conditions.

  2. I would like to see each and every member of council refuse the benefits package that they enjoy. Serving on council is not a full time job. Why are these people receiving benefits?

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Town Staff Reductions Continue To Cost Us Plenty

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