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Who’s Your Next Mayor Of Midland

Who’s Your Next Mayor Of Midland


We are not telling you who to vote for.  Based on what you know right now about these candidates, cast your informal vote.  This poll is not linked to your social media so your vote will be anonymously collected and no information about you will be collected or displayed.

If you want to learn more about each candidate you can watch their speeches here and view their rogers profiles here. Vote and share this poll please.  North Simcoe Sports and Rec Centre Voting Day is Monday October 22nd.

? Who’s Your Next Mayor Of Midland
Early polls open next week on October 10,11 and 13 at the arena. Who's your mayor? 🗣️Vote and Share!
Jack CONTIN54 votes ( 48% )
Bob JEFFERY32 votes ( 29% )
Stewart STRATHEARN26 votes ( 23% )


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Who’s Your Next Mayor Of Midland

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