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Yikes! We Touched A Nerve & Crossed “That” Line

Yikes! We Touched A Nerve & Crossed “That” Line


We carefully craft our media to maximize exposure/clicks and draw readers into the story where the facts are presented, along with supporting evidence.  However… it seems that yesterday’s Pass/Fail posts showcasing Council’s votes and our comments about why we feel that some of them “got it wrong” had some of our readers upset.  And, after listening to their concerns, we can see it from their perspectives.

So, considering we are asking that Council rescind their support of this re-zoning in light of all the new information and evidence that our members and bi-partisan outsiders have been providing to them, through our group, we should be able to lead by example and admit when our actions / posts may have crossed the line, potentially alienating support for this worth cause.

Accordingly, we want to apologize to anyone who took offence to the images of council members with the PASS or FAIL overlay.  We have removed them.  It was not intended to do anything other than communicate the ‘bottom line’ of the article in a simple photo.  The articles themselves simply show the video segment relevant to their vote and their rationale for the vote.  Those are simple facts.  If they voted against the parkland conversion, in our mind, they passed.  If they voted in favour despite all the opposition and fixated on the proposed use instead of the fact they were giving away waterfront parkland, then we contend they failed.

The label is not a reflection of their whole term thus far and we will continue to rate their performance on local issues and is one the reasons that this group exists.  What we won’t do, is put that rating on a photo as the lead image of the story.

For those whom we have offended by doing so, we apologize unreservedly.  Our mission to showcase how council was not provided all the critical facts in this matter remains unchanged, but our approach will be tempered to try to meet your expectations.

When our Facebook walls and news feeds are as busy as they are, our attempts to get noticed amongst the noise, while well-meaning, had us actually contributing to the noise and for that we are sorry.

We hope you will continue to follow our posts and remain engaged in this matter and the many other matters we will report on and draw your own conclusions based on the evidence we gather and provide to support our reporting of municipal affairs.

Now, back to the important stuff.  Please read the discovery that there is a highly vulnerable aquifer on the Edgehill park property slated to be used by the Health Hub.  We hope that the topic comes up at tonight’s planning meeting.


Editorial Note: The views and opinions expressed in this and any article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of OurMidland.ca community news.  Research claims and form your own opinions.  All publication and participation must abide by our terms of use policy.


  1. Something I have been wondering about. How was Mr. MCDONALD allowed to Vote on the Park??? Should he have reclused himself?

    1. Yes there is, but he might be squeaking by, or slithering by in this case. He should have known better that to be involved in any of this. His peers could not / would not call him on it and that too is a shame. You guys have a very concerning council up there. They should learn from the councils down south that they may have to pay the piper at some point.

  2. Apparently others touched a nerve with you when they asked the question: how many of the signees of the petition are Midland residents? If this petition is central to your campaign it is your responsibility to know this.

  3. Alot of.people are working day and night to make ends meet. They don’t have the privilege of time to be aware of what is going on. Even the signs face the road as opposed to the traffic. Which I find odd. We need to do more to make every Midlander aware.

  4. A lot of people who do not agree with your position are also working day and might to make ends meet. Please answer a simple question: are the signees all Midland residents?

  5. Not every signatures is from Midland. A petition can be signed by anyone who believes in the reason of the petition. Change.org has many different petitions such as regarding the latest OPP running over a dog they thought was a coyote. Now just because it did not happen in midland I would be inclined to sign because no animal should be treated in such away. How many midland residents is a moot point but more then half are from Midland. Check out the article on OurMidland.ca or the one that has now been shared. Also councilor Cody Oschefski has had a first copy of the petition since June if he was really curious to find out how many signatures he had the means to and the online petition is also readily available.

  6. So the position of your group is that non residents and there forever people who do not pay taxes in Midland get an equal say in Midland affairs and at Midland council. You did bring the petition to Midland council, right?If this is your groups’ position that non Midlanders should have the right to affect matters at Midland council, could you please post this to your site. It’s not his responsibility, your group has made this petition central to your campaign.

    1. That’s not fair… Chigamik’s website has a “support our new location” tab which clearly states that it will be shared with the town of midland to show support of the new building.. It asks name, email address and phone number…. It does not state that you must be a midland resident note should it. These services being offered are for people within our NSM LHIN not just midland. If people from outside of midland can so their support for the new location why can’t it be the other way around?

  7. Oliver Eric Bielefeld, I get online and in 5 mins I see more of your negativity. I just noticed they answered your question in a post. You should be flattered. I asked them questions and they simply replied on Facebook.. you got your own post on the website. More chuckles. You are like a conservative at a liberal convention my friend!

  8. Yes I am deeply flattered and honoured that a lowly wretch like me would be so privileged as to get response from you, Justin. I was actually invited our midland.ca and told I didn’t need agree on all issues to join the site. I’m sorry if my disagreeing with you is seen as negativity. At least the others who responded gave me well thought out answer explaining their position, whether I agree with them or not. I could actually see myself being friends or friendly with other people who are members of this site. In fact I know at least several people who are members of this site and consider them to be friends. With a snide,response like yours, you, Justin, are not my friend. Is Justin Case your real name? If it is, I sincerely mean it when I say it’s a great name! However, if it’s a pseudonym…

  9. Yep… you are a Cody Oschefski plant. Nothing wrong with that but as long as you wear your colours on your sleeve. I look forward to debating with you, you seem fun. Sorry we cannot be friends 🙁

  10. I like you Oliver Eric Bielefeld. I am paranoid too.. in therapy for it actually. But that is not the point. You can have your opinion as can I.

  11. Not a shrubbery but a Cody Oshefski plant. Maybe we can be friends. Perhaps we just started off on the wrong foot. 🙂

  12. We will disagree a lot it seems but if you can stomach some debate I’m in. I am not online as much as I wish I could be. My work keeps me out of cell service much of the time.

  13. She has the right to sign the petition of course but it doesn’t necessarily make it valid. Do you feel she has the right to vote in Midland?

  14. Let’s make her feel unwelcome to participate in her home town so she never wants to return (who knows why she lives in Toronto) and feels the community does not want her back or her input. Once a Midlander – Always A Midlander. Don’t be so exclusive Oliver Eric Bielefeld!

  15. Let’s only let the ‘right kind of people’ sign our petition – evil laugh – the ones that support our position… What a farce. You cannot seriously believe that!

  16. I am thoroughly impressed that more than 20% of the voters signed that petition. That is better percentages than anything I have worked on at U of T and we did lots of this social activism!

  17. Many who have signed the petition once lived in or have family still living in midland or have cottages/property in midland, many on the petition only put their home town but that does not mean they don’t pay taxes to our town. Many also just believe in saving parkland. If it happens in a town close to where they live it could happen in their communities to.

  18. They were never hidden. People get their backs up when they feel like others are being attacked as you are well aware of Cody. If I am asked nicely I will gladly help. You catch more flies with honey then vinegar.

  19. Do you feel I was being unkind to you? If so, sarcasm must have been lost through text. I apologize. That is not my nature

  20. Water under the bridge Cody. Btw, see ya in a couple of hours. Keep an eye and close ear on what’s talked about in closed session before I get there tonight as well for me eh!

  21. Have you removed the screenshots and replaced them with weblinks? Rather than “stealing” that information link it properly. So that our sites can get the proper web stats.

    1. What are you talking about? What item and on what post? We preserve and archive supporting documents that we use online so that they can be relied upon to be viewed at later dates and still represent what they looked like at the time we made reference to them. Surely you can appreciate that. If you would like us to provide a hyperlink somewhere relevant in addition to our archive snapshot then please provide details. Capturing a publicly available document on the web is no less stealing than taking a photo of your car when it is parked at the superstore. You obviously are hurt by something relating to the story so we can forgive the frivolous nature of this complaint but are happy to mediate it by providing a reference link. If you plan on claiming Intellectual Property rights on content you post online, we suggest you don’t make it publicly accessible.

  22. OK aperantly pro supporters are say that a few signatures are null and void because they do not reside in midland I just want to bring attention to the fact at the open meeting they had people from out side of midland who spoke out in vavor of destroying our beautiful park you cant have it both ways if you exclude signatures that are not in favor of the health hub then we need to exclude the pro supporters who do not reside in midland

  23. OK apparently pro supporters of the health hub are saying that a few signatures on the petition are null and void because they do not reside in Midland. I just want to bring attention to the fact at the open meeting they had people from out side of midland who spoke out in favour of destroying our beautiful park. you can’t have it both ways if you exclude signatures that are not in favor of the health hub then we need to exclude the pro supporters who do not reside in midland

  24. The signatures are not againts the heath hub !!!! They are againts building on parkland . Anyone should be able to sign it tax’s payers or not tax’s payers our point always has been to save a park from not being built on . We have fully support the hub program and feel it is very important in our town . we had picnic in the park and had a 100 of neighbours and other locals come join us we had a bristol bord full of suggestion in Midland of we’re a better spot could be .

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Yikes! We Touched A Nerve & Crossed “That” Line

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