Santa’s Memoires

Santa’s Memoires


“You will not be drunk, smoke, swear, grope, be rude” the agreement to be signed went on…… only then could we do a story of what it was like being a Santa at Yorkdale. A late friend of mine had been doing Santa there for years and loved it…….

So, I donned a warm red velvet Santa suit with its shiny brass buttons . The suit came complete with black boots and a wide black  belt… complete the make over I added a glorious white wig and beard. Wow what a surprise,  very first youngster  to sit on Santa’s lap was my niece of not many months in age as her parents proudly looked on …. my stint was just for an hour but St. Nick was visited by dozens and we mean dozens of good little boys and girls….

Having been Santa in the first dozen or so parades in Midland I discovered home is where the heart is when it comes to playing Santa to a King Street full of people of all ages.

So when Christmas gets near, we feel warm and fuzzy and, why not?  having assisted Santa for decades and loving every minute of it…..ho, ho, ho.


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Santa’s Memoires

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