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Amalgamation Of Midland and Penetanguishene

Amalgamation Of Midland and Penetanguishene


The thought of Midland and Penetanguishene ever, ever amalgamating brings shivers to one’s very being.  When it comes to the crunch, it’s a French thing. Penetanguishene is one of only a few designated bilingual communities in Ontario.  Both Midland and Penetang have long histories and memories.

There  was a time if you lived in one town, you never dated in the other.  There was a time at hockey matches, gloves were dropped before the referee dropped the puck to begin a match between Midland and Penetang pucksters.  

amalgamation-cartoonMostly the status quo reigns in both municipalities.  And quite frankly as it should. Yes certain services recently  have been shared by both towns and others might in the future!  But talk of both towns being wedded is just that, talk! Do you think all current council members in Penetang and Midland would keep their jobs?  What about policing? Fire service and public works? The beat goes on……city fathers need to feel the pulse of its ratepayers before going forward into parts unknown.  

North Simcoe needs more industry, new businesses, a positive attitude, less confrontation before amalgamation ever sees the light of day. We have to promote at every turn, Midland as being the home of the Huron Carol here in the Heart of Huronia at Gateway to 30,000 Islands. We need to promote our historic assets:  Martyrs’ Shrine, 1984 Papal Visit, Fort Ste Marie among the Hurons,  Huron Indian Village, St. Anne’s, the Angels, Naval and Military Base, St. James  on the Lines, Champlain’s role, et al.

One believes both communities must tell the world  they are wonderful tourist attractions year ’round…..that we have a great work force and are open for business. Just thinking out loud.

You can read Penetanguishene’s Mayor’s (and Simcoe County Warden) open letter about the subject here.


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  1. It worked 20 years ago with penetang and Midland both splitting tay point and Midland taking Sunnyside, as well as tay absorbing port and Victoria harbour and all of Waverley.

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Amalgamation Of Midland and Penetanguishene

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