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Updated: “Appointment” By Patrick Brown Leaves Many In Confusion

Updated: “Appointment” By Patrick Brown Leaves Many In Confusion


The apparent “appointment” of a local Midland councillor to fill in for Simcoe North MPP Patrick Brown (PC) leader of the Official Opposition at certain local events has created  confusion in some circles.

There are Tories in North Simcoe who have been True Blue for  decades. The question remains, why weren’t any of them given the nod?  Only Brown can answer that question and he is a hard guy to tie down as he continues to criss cross the province again, probably the 20th time since becoming Party Leader in the province.

E-mails to key staff members have yet to be answered and so the mystery continues with wild  rumours taking over the conversation.  Brown has every right to pick the man or woman of his choice to fill a gap if he is unable to attend a local function. We can’t disagree.

What we are having a tough time swallowing, why wouldn’t he have named some long-standing Tory, someone who worked out of the bunker making phone calls, talking to walk-in, accepting donations, some one from the sign team, office manager, canvassers, board and executive members?

The choice has been made it appears from local reporting after a boastful post on Cody Oschefski’s Facebook page ….and that should be the end of the story, but sadly one doesn’t see any kind of happy ending at this juncture. Politics as they say, makes for strange bedfellows.

Editor’s notes:

He announced his candidacy for deputy mayor in 2018 in the same post… what a great way to get in front of people to talk and “campaign” by using the podium on behalf of someone else. Without this opportunity he’d just be another head in the crowd and could not make use of the mic or any goodwill associated with the MPP’s carefully crafted words…


According to former long time MPP, Garfield Dunlop, and we are paraphrasing, Patrick Brown has every right to ask Cody  to represent him at functions  in Midland.  Of this we agree wholeheartedly.

According to Logan Bugeja, Brown’s principal secretary, the councillor in question was asked by her to fill in tomorrow, after his name was recommended to her by a top Tory , because of the councillor’s enthusiasm. She added, it was NOT an appointment (a term we used in quotes since we did know the Queen’s Park lingo).

In the past she has asked a host of Simcoe North residents to fill in, one time only, when the leader of the official opposition was unavailable to attend a function in town.

She stressed it would likely be the only time the councillor would be asked since she had a long list of other folks happy to show up and bring greetings from Simcoe North MPP Brown.

She felt the councillor’s enthusiasm may have caused some confusion but wanted to stress that it was a one time only proposition.

Brown’s goal is to be more inclusive as his party sets its sites on winning the next Provincial Election in 2018.  So there you have it…..right from Brown’s principal secretary at Queen’s Park.  Back from a recent trip to Lebanon, the party leader again is criss crossing northern Ontario, his 20th time since being elected leader of Ontario Provincial Conservative Party.

At the rate he is going you can bet many other men and women will be asked to bring greetings from Brown to more future functions.



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    1. That’s what he has said. But not possible now. Other members will engage him until he’s done pouting. The conversation continues with or without him. Cheers 🙂

    2. Not at all but after the hate in the trump rally-esk posts on his page it would be easy for me to not still like our young councillor but the opposite is true. I have high hopes that the will consider other opinions regardless of who they come from. I am the focus of people’s anger but it’s misplaced. I simply start the conversation and this case I posted for other community members who cannot stand the abuse that I get in their place. Read the articles and think about subject matter and comment or ignore as you see fit.

  1. People can chose to use anonymity when they see fit. There are scenarios where it is in the best interest to not have a public identity. One can report crimes to the police in this manner. Many public sectors have suggestion boxes where this is an option. It is of no matter who Jo Midland is. On social media we can only respond to the words written. I understand some may say that it’s dishonest to not disclose a personal name. Here’s my view. An opinion exists based on how I respond or react to the words as I read, internalize then perceive them. On social media I do not intimately/personally know everyone and I will read the words in the context of the subject or thread.

  2. I was interested in this page but feel as though it’s lost credibility. I don’t know Councillor Oschefski but the recent updates of late have felt like an attack on him and so I must question the person behind this mask. I will be unliking the page.

    1. Sorry to see you go. Welcome back anytime. We have hundreds of articles that have nothing to do with him but as a councillor he is one of many sources of local political news we cover. He doesn’t get special treatment. He is however the only councillor that posts (to his credit) everything he thinks and feels online which exposes him to feedback both positive and negative.

  3. Give it up. You are grasping at straws and twisting your own words around. Cody said he will be representing Patrick Brown at an event because Pat can’t make it, and that’s what he did. He also said he’s not in any political party. You aren’t just reporting the facts, you are gossiping. Maybe you should look into writing for People magazine instead of ourmidland.

    1. I have been following you guys arguing and debating online. I’m no member of this group but I do agree with their assessment of the situation but think they could have waited for Mr Browns office to comment before the story. That said I see you online defending Cody O as his girlfriend which is expected but you should read his words carefully. He used “events” as in plural. I get how this Jo Midland took it to mean more than once.

      You seem as eager to fight about this as this group and you’re not doing him any favours. You guys attacked anyone who posted in opposition but you call these guys bullies? Your group is very narrow minded and you’re guilty of the same rhetoric as those who oppose you. I’m no fan of either of you guys but I’m calling it like I see it. I didn’t vote for Cody but like his spirit but unless he takes steps to control the dialogue on his page I won’t be voting for someone who can’t take critique and lets his friends run down anyone who doesn’t agree with him. You might want to review your boyfriends post carefully before lashing out online and losing your cool.

      As for this group picking on Cody I looked through this site and only found two critical articles (one being this one and the other about the park). I found several positive ones promoting some of the events. I don’t know how many articles on on this site but I’d guess maybe 100 or more so two is not a trend by my reasoning. Everyone take a breath and relax! I expect an attack now. Maturity is lacking all around it seems.

    2. Re-read his post or look at the copy we posted with the story. He said “events” not “event”. If it was not more than one who cares… if it was going to be an ongoing thing, some people did care. Why is this so hard for you to understand. We are not hating Cody, he says stuff, we read it and sometimes we report on it. We can only go by what he says or posts for public consumption. Thanks for commenting… your views are always welcome here but subject to rebuttal if I, we or anyone sees fit.

    3. I read the post to say ‘events’ and took the post to mean that he would be representing Mr Brown at various functions. I came away from it also reading the enthusiasm he has in his current position, as well as what he sees as an opportunity to make connections and increase his exposure to the world of politics in a way to further his political career. I see nothing wrong with the article, it’s just fact based and clears up any confusion others may have had about the issue. That being said 🙂 a lot of people don’t believe much of what politicians have to say these days so everything is questioned. Separate note – best wishes to the Councillor – I’m sure he will do well!

  4. Being a political person puts one in the limelight. Both good and bad can be interpreted differently about that person. Municipal, provincial or federal levels are the same. Any politician will tell you, “talk bad about me, talk good about me”, “just keep talking about me”.

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Updated: “Appointment” By Patrick Brown Leaves Many In Confusion

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