Bills And Junk Mail

Bills And Junk Mail


Do you realize your traditional (snail) mail these days consists of over 95 percent of bills, advertising and junk mail? When was the last time you received honest to goodness letters and post cards from family members, relatives and friends? Less Christmas and birthday cards are being sent – with most preferring e-mail, social media or texting over ink and paper.

One remembers living on a Woodstock area farm during much of WWII watching for the mail to be dropped off at the mail box down  the long lane from the farm house.  On more than one occasion I remember standing on tip toes reaching into the mail box only to be stung by bees, whose home I was disturbing. Mail from friends and family reunions were both big deals back then.

We now are living in the computer era where we can e-mail greetings, send Jacquie Lawson cards for all occasions, Skype, Face Time, Pal Talk, Facebook, Instagram and IM people around the world.  One can even Tweet astronauts and cosmonauts aboard  ISS travelling at 16,000 mph some 250 miles above earth.

It was 1516 when Royal Mail was established in the UK. The king at that time had the right to pay or not pay for mail he received. If he was unhappy with its contents he opted not to pay. Period.  And so here we are today, more e-mails from family members and less hand written, licked stamps on envelopes.  Only good think about e-mails are computers and handhelds that feature spell checking……otherwise give me a good old-fashioned letter delivered by a friendly mail carrier since it isn’t kosher to call him or her a mail man!


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Bills And Junk Mail

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