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Broken Election Promises – So What Else Is New?

Broken Election Promises – So What Else Is New?


Broken PromisesIt didn’t take long for the “Sunny Days” Trudeau government in Ottawa, to sink the nation deep into the red, give or take 30 billion Canuck Bucks.  By the time the next federal election rolls around, Canada will still be immersed in debt to the tune of $13 billion.  No new money for our meagre military, no new ships, tanks, fighter jets with a slimmed down military around the next bend.

How can any government battle its way out of debt by digging itself in a bigger debt filled hole?  The answer is deafening, a majority government, plain and simple. Only this time Grits will have to be worried about what the population thinks at the next federal election.  Those who voted for Trudeau and company were hoping for a new direction in Parliament but instead with this week’s budget they’ve gotten the same old, same old…..in all seriousness they’ve just gotten the hose!

And so young Trudeau has quickly shown his colours, a pretty face yes, but seemingly more ruthless than even his father which the young man has managed to do, pulling the wool over Canadians. Many of his Party’s unkept campaign promises litter the press gallery.  So is spiralling debt really the cure for what ails us?

A friend was quick to point out to this writer, “This is like FDR’s New Deal. The only way to get things going is to jump start the economy with infrastructure renewal and providing incentive in the form of hope to people who are in need of it.  And money is borrowed at almost 0 percent at the moment.”
Time will tell but there are storm clouds on the horizon threatening to blot out the sunny days we were promised in tearful speeches.


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  1. And the Harper haters keep complaining! Get over it, we needed a better direction and government. Trudeau will lead us out of the funk the conservative’s had us in for ten plus years. And as a 1st Nations Canadian I cannot thank him enough for this new direction.

  2. There comes a time when one has to abandon previously laid out plans, election platforms, or partisan rhetoric and do what needs to be done.
    I do recall PM Harper back in 2008/2009 departing from the standard PC policy, opening the coffers and spending heavily on infrastructure to save the economy. I also recall bailouts to car companies in order to save thousands of jobs. These were tough things to do, but PM Harper did them. Did they work? You bet!
    It’s that same infrastructure money that built the addition of the Midland municipal office, and helped build other public buildings, kept businesses afloat and people working. I applauded PM Harper at the time, and we need to get behind this current plan now.
    We are in tough times again and sober thoughts over partisan politics would go a long way.
    Can we do it?

    Zena Pendlebury

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Broken Election Promises – So What Else Is New?

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