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Bruce Stanton: Our Busy Simcoe North MP

Bruce Stanton: Our Busy Simcoe North MP


When you meet MP Bruce Stanton and his wife Heather it doesn’t take long to realize they are joined at the hip when it comes to politics not only in Simcoe North but in the nation.  Often one will begin to answer a question, the other will end it when it especially comes to matters related to Riding of Simcoe North…..they love people, they love being with people, they enjoy doing things for people.  

bruce-stanton-speaker-of-the-houseRecently Bruce was named Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, a role that fits with his giving/caring temperament.  The new posting has not gone to his head since he held a somewhat similar position in the last Parliament.  Riding of Simcoe North includes Brechin in the southeast corner to Christian Island in the northwest……Often busy seven days a week, you will find both Bruce and Heather at BBQ’s, fish fries, fall fairs, ribbon cuttings, galas and more. Whatever your political stripe, you will agree our riding has benefitted from their partnership, energy and zeal.

Bruce Stanton’s Brief Bio

Bruce was first elected to the House of Commons in January 2006, and won re-election in October 2008 and again in May 2011. He has served as the Assistant Deputy Chair of the Committees of the Whole, (Assistant to the Speaker of the House) since 2011, and previously as Chair of the Standing Committee for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, and as a Member of the Committees for the Status of Women; Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics; and Industry, Science and Technology.

Prior to his election as M.P. for Simcoe North , Bruce was actively involved in promoting and advocating for the tourism industry and his local community. He served on the Boards of several tourism organizations including the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), Resorts Ontario, and Tourism Ontario. Bruce served as Councillor in the Township of Severn from 1999 to 2003, as a member of the Rotary Clubs of Orillia and Washago, and Board member of the Orillia Community Futures Development Corporation from 1997 to 2001.

Bruce Stanton, Doug Reed and Heather Stanton
Bruce Stanton, Doug Reed and Heather Stanton

Bruce and Heather live near Coldwater with their two daughters Valerie and Lauren. Bruce has two adult children, Jason and Stephanie, who live, work and raise their families here in Simcoe North.


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Bruce Stanton: Our Busy Simcoe North MP

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