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Canada’s Military A Pawn In Liberal Debt Game

Canada’s Military A Pawn In Liberal Debt Game


Canada’s military is about to come under the federal government’s magnifying glass.  The size of our military, its future missions and the equipment that it will need in the future are up for debate. During both great wars our military was strong, well equipped and did this nation proud. Our men and women in uniform were equally outstanding during the so-called Korean police action and during subsequent missions right up until today.

But now, our Army, Navy and Air Force can’t even fill the Sky Dome not to mention the Air Canada Centre.  Four British subs Canada bought well over a decade ago are still not seaworthy although with one that can dive to only periscope depth.  Then there was the aircraft carrier that was totally retrofitted to only be scrapped later.

Since killing the AVRO ARROW on a Black Friday in the late ’50s, government after government has given our military hardly a second look. The ARROW could almost have topped three times the speed of sound. The American military hated it.  It could fly from Malton to North Bay in a couple of minutes at most. It was the envy of the free world, accept the USA since Yanks had nothing like it.

The fighter was feared by rogue nations.  Since then our military with its aging Sea King helicopters is having a hard time honouring its past.  Instead of putting our military on the ground in theatre, our Air Force has been the better choice.  Now under Justin Trudeau our fighters jets have been called  home while a few hundred soldiers have been called up to train those whom Canada supports in war zones overseas.

Canada always needs a well-trained, modern equipped military. Trudeau favours a national guard type military to sand bag floods, help to quell forest fires and look pretty for photo-ops instead of covert ops.  Our military “stands on guard for thee”……it needs to be the best it can possibly be, there should be only one military….best trained, best equipped and maintaining those military standards that generations of Canadians have always admired.

Trudeau needs to know, tinkering with our Army, Navy and Air Force is out of the question if the goal is to help pay off a whopping $30 billion national debt. If Justin wants a decision-making seat on the UN he must have a strong at the ready military otherwise it is a game of “wink wink nudge nudge” when it comes to global power houses like China, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and the US.


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  1. Our military although smaller than many was a respected one when we were Peacekeepers. We were respected world wide and at the UN. The subs were a colossal waste of money, the scuppering of the Arrow was a travesty. We do not need to increase our military strength we need to recoup our reputation as. peacekeepers and got our military for that role.

  2. I agree with this post 100 per cent. We need a strong military. I don’t understand why our government seems to think that a country like ours with all of our resources doesn’t need our own military and strong allies besides the USA. Years ago we had the best trained military in the world. I don’t know about now. But it’s something we should try to maintain with our troops and equipment.

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Canada’s Military A Pawn In Liberal Debt Game

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