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Canadian Women On Our Bank Notes

Canadian Women On Our Bank Notes


vintage-dollar-billBank of Canada Governor has appointed a seven member committee to review well over 18,000 names of women whose picture could appear on nation’s next wave of currency.  I doubt our Queen will be picked since she has had her share on our Canuck Bucks down through the decades.

My mom was a saint, I would gladly nominate her as well as my wonderful wife.. Not interested in seeing present or deceased writers. They write, they make good coin but that’s all. No heavy lifting. Hurricane Hazel might be okay but only after she reaches 110 and then becomes past due.  My kindergarten teacher was swell, come to think of it my leggy Grade 11 teacher wasn’t a slouch either. So who shall it be? Laura Secord wins my vote, plus I love her chocolates.  Next choice would be Barbara Ann Scott, the famed figure skater plus her birthday is May 9 same day as mine…..but she too is very much alive. No former CBC broadcasters or governors general please!  Maybe someone from our lawn bowling club would fill the bill since a number of gals are over 90.

Okay I have come up with the best of the best: my lovely wife from Holland and then me mom. For the record it is a tie! Honey what’s for supper dear?


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Canadian Women On Our Bank Notes

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