Change Is In The Windchill

Change Is In The Windchill


Huronia on weekend recorded one of the lowest wind chills, -41c,  in recent memory, some believe in the past 100 years. Most folks talk about the weather several times a day. Now the hot button topic is our hospital’s cash crunch crisis. Last week’s Provincial by-election in Whitby/Oshawa put health care on the front burner…. Lorne Coe (PC) doubled his rival’s score, a Liberal, who seemed to shy away from anything closely related to health care, physicians’ anger, talk of reducing service and well over 400 nurses across the province who have been laid off in recent weeks.

Opposition leader Patrick Brown, MPP for Simcoe North, had his team numbering in the hundreds knocking on doors and calling voters in Whitby/Oshawa that team was bolstered by and equal number of Coe supporters….the net result a whopping victory for Lorne Coe who is now off to Queen’s Park.  Not even the Prime Minister or Premier could get out the vote to win the riding for Liberals.

The dye had already been cast… care, health care, health care. The medical profession was quick to support the Tory candidate since members have felt the premier has stopped listening to them… this rate, the next provincial election will be a real barn burner….with Team Brown’s Conservatives at the helm of the Legislature according to current tea leaves.

“Tonight the people of Whitby-Oshawa sent the Liberals a strong message . . . the people of Ontario deserve better,” Brown told cheering supporters at a downtown Whitby Legion hall.



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Change Is In The Windchill

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