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Cho Wins For PCs In Scarborough Despite Media Circus

Cho Wins For PCs In Scarborough Despite Media Circus


The best “dumb question” was asked by a member of the media regarding the PC win in the by-election in Scarborough Rouge River. As you can imagine it centred around a letter sent out to voters suggesting Patrick Brown, Ontario PC leader, if elected Premier in 2018, would scrap elementary schools’s sex-ed ciriculum. The author later admitted the mailer was a mistake and that Brown had not approved the letter even though it contained his electronic signature.

The MPP from Simcoe East said, he would not scrap the program however one has always felt if elected Premier he might seek consultation on a number of hot button items.

But here folks is the dumbest question of the campaign. One well-known female radio announcer/reporter in the Big Smoke asked Tory candidate Raymond CHO, “Didn’t you read the Chinese version of the letter before it was sent out?”

CHO said he had not seen that or any other letter before it was sent out. Adding, “I don’t read Chinese.” You see CHO the oldest rookie ever to be elected to Queen’s Park and who out distanced his Liberal rival last night, is of Korean heritage, not Chinese!!!

One once worked for the largest newspaper, radio chain in the country.  Not once did the mother ship tell us to what to write when it came  to editorials nor did we ever lift any from the large urban newspapers.  During the recent Patrick Brown so-called  sex-ed letter we have been intrigued by smaller papers that have gleaned anti-Brown flip flopping  editorials from Big Brother at the Mother Ship.

We call that in the trade, lazy journalism, or at least that’s what they called it back in mid-60’s when this writer broke into the game. Editorial writers should have a mind of their own. Even editorial boards come to a collective consensus before a short straw is drawn to see who writes the finished position of the paper.  In tar and feathering Mr. Brown and by association the leading (PC) candidate in the Scarborough Rogue River Bi-Election and retain Liberals in the riding, the big boys in the business and their siblings in smaller communities didn’t win…..even on a quiet news cycle.

Guess what Raymond CHO, PC stand-bearer became the first Tory to win the riding since 1999. He got off to a healthy lead and never looked back leaving Grits in his dust.  Thousands of lawn signs and thousands of volunteers in the most varied ethnic riding in the province made the difference. No mean-spirited editorial, no body checks to Brown and company resulted in voters staying home in droves.

On the contrary it is the pro Wynne media that needs to re-asses its CNN/FOX News approach to covering elections in Yours to Discover. As for Wynne you can count on one hand the times she showed up in the riding.

Between visiting northern Ontario at 21st time since becoming Ontario PC Party Leader, Brown and volunteers  knocked on doors literally, a dozens and dozens  of times in Scarborough Rouge Valley throughout the campaign…..and that dear Liberals made the difference.


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Cho Wins For PCs In Scarborough Despite Media Circus

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