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We Bid Farewell To Bob McIntyre

We Bid Farewell To Bob McIntyre


Longtime CTV Barrie weatherman Bob McIntyre passed away on Thursday March 10, 2016. He was 73 after having been in broadcasting for 50 years and with the Barrie TV (CKVR now CTV) station since 1972.

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Bob McIntyre a long time news and weatherman who retired earlier this year from CTV Barrie who had logged 40 years with the television station, died this week. Bob was there when CKVR-TV changed its name  to the New VR under new owners Rogers TV. And he was there when Bell bought the station and it became CTV Barrie.

Bob was an Air Force brat….his father a long time member of the RCAF. He became an honourary Warrant Officer after Base Borden paid tribute to his work in television and his dedication to his community.  He had several loves…..one was his loving supportive wife, weather reporting and flying his Tiger Moth biplane with its open cockpit.  

We first met Bob some 15 years ago at Royal Victoria Hospital where he was undergoing treatment and  literally the life of the party encouraging  his counterparts to keep their chins up. During my news gathering days at the old CKVR as a news cameraman,  Bob’s name was held in high esteem.  A man of great humour,  dedication, love of family and community, Bob the weatherman was the best of the best in the weather reporting game……and because of love of life he enjoyed young weather watchers sending him hand drawn coloured sketches.  No matter the drawing he enthused about it and always praised the sender never forgetting their efforts.  And so Bob has taken off, flaps up for the last time here on earth and  has already landed on that well-lit runway in the sky. Bob you were part of your viewers lives for 40 years and they/we will all cherish your memory in our hearts.

It often happens after a person passes away that he or she’s age is made known. Bob the weatherman at CTV Barrie was one such person. When it was announced yesterday , Bob McIntyre had died, it was said he was 74. He logged half a century in broadcasting, 10 in radio and the last 40 years at CKVR-TV/ New VR/ CTV Barrie. He often called himself an Air Force brat.  It has been said he love life, his wife, his work, his community and flying his open cockpit Tiger Moth.  Bob touched thousand of lives and when news of untimely passing hit the wires his fans were devastated to say the least.  If there is a broadcasters’ hall of fame in heaven, you can bet his name has already been engraved. One of the fun things Bob enjoyed doing was standing on his head he was so agile and his friends loved seeing him upside down at parties. And so a great weatherman has left us……next time a thundershower races high over the TV station in Barrie you can bet your bottom dollar, it will be Bob raining down on Bob’s garden.

Full stories: http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/2016/03/10/barrie-tv-weatherman-bob-mcintyre-dies-at-73



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We Bid Farewell To Bob McIntyre

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