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What A Difference An Ombudsman Makes

What A Difference An Ombudsman Makes


Since Queen’s Park opted not to reappoint the province’s Ombudsman and who is now suing for wrongful dismissal, his replacement is not off to a great start. Well over 1,000 complaints have been filed so far this year, the most centre around municipal councils and many of their councillors.

Seems the new Ombudsman hasn’t the stomach to look into these complaints suggesting, the writer’s words not the Ombudsman, they are usually local matters blah blah blah. You can bet the former Ombudsman  had the guts and drive to look into any complaint that crossed his desk.

One can only hope the office will continue to remain objective, transparent and non political otherwise the Premier will have to face hard questions down the road. Bye the bye, wonder how Ombudsman’s office will deal with the SIU when fan hits the ship?


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What A Difference An Ombudsman Makes

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