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Why are you voting for Trump? Is this the reason?

Why are you voting for Trump? Is this the reason?These Donald Trump supporters know what they want.Watch till the end, for an added surprise, from The Conservative Minuteman.THIS IS AN AD FOR DUMPING TRUMP.And funny to boot.#NEVERTRUMP

Posted by The Conservative Minuteman on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump’s Jewish Ties Unravelling


Trump - HitlerDonald Trump’s Jewish ties, the most of all Republican candidates for the White House are quickly unravelling.  The reason simply seems to be that Trump seems to mirror all that was hated in Adolph Hitler during years 1933-45, when Hitler promoted the Third Reich.

From wanting refugees to wear some kind of identification, to promoting a wall between Mexico and the United States, Trump continues to gain publicity for all the wrong reasons. Being endorsed by the KKK and gun-toting Red Necks, his rallies have become mean-spirited with thugs beating up the press, minorities and  to those who vocally oppose him: Goon politics reminiscent of the SS bulldozing everyone in their wakes.

Abe Lincoln must be rolling in his grave.  And by the way Abe was a Republican too for the record. Voters who hate, and we mean hate Washington, love Trump “because he is one of them” they will tell you. Trump is mean, he is childish, he is rich, spouts nonsense, attracts bullies and sadly may win the White House in November. If he does win we should all run for cover. One is hard pressed to really understand why he is so popular. He certainly speaks the language of some lost tribe that has long given up with “business as usual” in Congress and all the in-fighting in these past almost eight years.

It would appear that, just like Hitler he has tapped into something that is causing anti-politician cream to rise to the top of political milk bottles. Whatever the reason you can bet that we have not heard the end of Donald as he continues to insult his rivals, reporters, networks, ethnic groups, Jewish communities and those who oppose him.

Pundits, editorial writers and cartoonists love the guy. Is that enough to become the next president of the United States of America?  Guess we will all see!




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Donald Trump’s Jewish Ties Unravelling

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