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Downtown “Cleaned Up” During & After Butter Tart Festival

Downtown “Cleaned Up” During & After Butter Tart Festival


If you hadn’t attended this year’s Butter Tart Festival on Saturday in Midland and told on your way to church Sunday, that it was wall to wall people from Yonge Street to the dock you might have wanted proof! The entire downtown core was clean as a whistle, Sunday.

It has been estimated that 20,000 or more were in town meeting 150 vendors and buying everything from butter tarts and chocolates to jams, jellies, clothing, trinkets, beer, hot dogs, sausages and hamburger.  Hats off and kudos  to volunteers, public works personnel and organizers getting King Street back to normal.  It took a team effort to organize, host and wrap up this year’s  fourth annual success story.

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From a mobile Poutine food truck at Yonge and King north to the dock for music and a cold one, vendors came from far and wide to attend the Fourth Annual Butter Tart Festival in Midland.  As butter tarts were a little  to find at 6 pm but folks still found them in the heart of the town. Shoppers also  found a host of other cabin industry special products to take home: jams, jellies, meats, clothing, chocolates just to mention some. Marquees kept vendors under canvass which was great when it rained  at the kick off and well when Midland  welcomed a warm, sunny, breezy afternoon. Again this year there was something for every age.  Visitors came as far away as New York State and Florida.

It is expected well over 100,000 butter tarts were sold again this year. To the judges, thanks for picking winners in various categories….did you dream of butter tarts last night? And wasn’t it great seeing Mayor Gord McKay and his wife Cathy scoping out all the treats.

Gearing up to take anti-cancer treatment at Sunnybrook Hospital, the town’s chief magistrate was more than happy to press the flesh of well wishers. If each butter tart sold  was a prayer for Brother McKay , you can bet over 100,000 will be said in the coming weeks  that Mr. Mayor quickly recovers from a nasty bit of business and that he is back at work full time at town hall as soon as possible. Don’t forget Gord and Cathy in your nightly supplications, we won’t.


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  1. This is completely in accurate….. I have pictures to prove it and still Monday afternoon there is Garbage all over Midland…

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Downtown “Cleaned Up” During & After Butter Tart Festival

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