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Droning On – How Do Kids Fly These Things


With age 80 not that far down the corridor of life, I recently bought a quadcopter, a radio controlled drone, proving again boys will be boys.  No matter your age, it is essential to read the instructions, carefully.  I didn’t, returned it when it wouldn’t fly.  I exchanged it for a smaller version; had same problems with instructions…..as a former radio announcer I just played music and read commercials. The studio control board wasn’t that technical…but that was then, this is now.  

So I called friend of local flying club for advice. In winter they fly in the gym at the North Simcoe Sports and Rec Centre, in warmer times they test their skills at the football (soccer) pitch between St. T’s and Lot 102.

It took us 10 minutes to realize that the drone’s internal battery needed charging, then there was the business of locating on/off switch….. we had to use a tooth pick to switch on the so-called “easy to fly” quadcopter.  After days of flying a few inches above floor in the family room, we dared to fly outside.

We powered up from driveway and it took off like a shot ascending above hydro lines!  I was in awe. The riddle was how to get it  back to home base and that was the rub…….We managed to get it turned around, but it climbed more. My heart raced. What next, throttle back? I pulled the control stick with gusto  and it was then that the drone crashed  like a rock, falling in the blink of an eye, settling on lawn across street, minus one of four blades which was located in two pieces on Easy Street.

Since then and using my newly improved skills we have managed to break just one other blade and have more than a dozen safe landings on St. Mark’s south lawn.  Easy? Not quite! Co-ordination is the key…..appears more VON exercises will help with improved my eye/hand co-ordination.

Why kids today as young as three or four can use iPhones and computers is a mystery….could be they are fearless and nothing more , while this old fart can’t get a drone to take off and land without breaking something, including his spirit.


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Droning On – How Do Kids Fly These Things

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