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Expense Accounts & Money Trees

Expense Accounts & Money Trees


Expense accounts can be money trees if you don’t have a conscience. When one served on council in the late ’70s and decades later chaired the police services board, he recalls submitting very few expenses. But that was then and this is now.

We were taught well by our parents, furrier’s, and dad a pioneer in the Credit Union movement.  He always covered mom’s expenses, hotel, meals, etc,  when attending conventions.  Some elected officials favour driving alone and submitting expenses, while others wisely car pool. Sadly, expense accounts can be used as a money tree.

We recall one county council member decades and decades ago driving to Midhurst, informing the clerk his mother in law had passed away and then returned to town, to attend a special council meeting here, claiming mileage and per diem.  His mother in law had died years earlier by the way… Expense accounts have merit, but are not designed to be abused.  If you think an elected official or a paid appointee’s published expense account seems out of whack you have every right to ask why.


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Expense Accounts & Money Trees

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