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GBGH Volunteers Saluted

GBGH Volunteers Saluted


GBGH volunteers were saluted for a just cause last week: Volunteer Week.  There are approximately 200 or so male and female volunteers at our hospital, some logging well over two decades of dedicated service.  Since the auxiliary was founded well over a century ago, volunteers have raised millions of dollars.

Volunteers can be found in both the gift and coffee shops, welcoming patients and visitors at both the main entrance and emergency, imaging, ambulatory care, they are truly everywhere including One North where Patients and Motion operates.

They are a helpful happy lot giving of their time and talent. They ask for nothing in exchange for what they wholeheartedly do. Volunteers do more than give directions, they joyfully engage in brief chit chats, push wheel chairs, run errands in the hospital and happily do lots more on a daily basis.  At GBGH, Volunteer Week is truly 52 weeks a year and you can take that to the bank.


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GBGH Volunteers Saluted

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