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Georgian Bay District Secondary School – Quite A Mouthful!

Georgian Bay District Secondary School – Quite A Mouthful!


Georgian Bay District Secondary School - artist's rendering

Sod turning for the new Georgian Bay District Secondary School (GBDSS) takes place this Thursday at Midland Secondary School. In due course, MSS is to be replaced by a smaller structure on what is currently the track/field.

The old MDHS was constructed memories ago after the much smaller high school on Yonge Street was bursting at the seams. So Midland is to get a new high school, PSS is soon to be but a memory and Barrie Central is to close and another built elsewhere in the city.

However, the fastest growing municipality in Canada, Wasaga Beach is still without a high school. Students have to be bused to Elmvale, Stayner and Collingwood in all kinds of weather. When my son was knee-high to a grass hopper and his mom worked in the MSS guidance office, he often prowled the place at night when she had to work late. He discovered places where only ghosts of students past were aware of.

midland-secondary-schoolMSS has had a glorious history….top athletes have come and gone and made names for themselves and many learned, talented, professional men and women went on to lead successful lives having graduated  from their beloved secondary school. Highly dedicated principals and guidance office staff were revered, as were dozens, nay hundreds of teachers who cheerfully taught there.

Custodians were much more than just busy, handy, gifted men and women, and front office staff were historically always cheerful, selfless, highly dedicated women. They were as much the backbone of MSS as were any others on the school board’s staff.

John McCullough was the first chairman of the Simcoe County Board of Education with its budget of a few hundred thousand, now the annual budget runs into the millions of dollars.

Although it will take a number of  years for the new high school to be constructed and fully operational there’s still time for the current crop of students to make their own great memories.

If you have any memories you’d like to share with your fellow readers, feel free to chime in below in the comments section.


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    1. Unfortunately the two new schools we already have (St. T’s and Mundys Bay) were not built big enough in the first place. If the designers would focus more on what is needed instead of what “looks nice” maybe our students could all be housed in the main buildng.

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Georgian Bay District Secondary School – Quite A Mouthful!

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