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History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself – Nanaimo & Midland’s Struggles

History Has A Way Of Repeating Itself – Nanaimo & Midland’s Struggles


History has a way of repeating itself even right down to lobbyists. We in Midland have been aware for some years of an individual wanting his way on certain lands, picking council members and now a new CAO.

Now comes word from British Columbia this individual is simultaneously “at it” in Nanaimo and at issue, certain water front lands. As is the case here in Huronia where folks aren’t overly keen  about this particular lobbyist and a gaggle of his supporters, the atmosphere is the same in BC where taxpayers are up in arms over almost the same issue.

Then add to the chaos, council out there is not pleased with its mayor (ironically also a McKay) and in fact would like to sack him while he in turn would love to fire the entire gang of them.  Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Both communities must be working from the same  terrible template.  Whatever happens in Midland and Nanaimo there seems to be an ungodly common thread weaving through these two towns  While the final chapter still has yet to be written you can bet your bottom dollar when next municipal elections are called there will be a change of guard in Midland and Nanaimo.

You can read up on the issues that Nanaimo is having with our own MidlandCommunity.ca founder and spokesman Roy Ellis by reading this article and the many that are linked at the bottom of that story.

We’ve heard it on television, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas stays in Vegas.” During recent days what’s been  in happening in Nanaimo, BC is similar to what is happening in Midland.  A local lobbyist and a business he is associated with continues to make news in separate towns which are provinces apart.  

Water front land, a rudderless council, need for a new CAO, a marina and even a former coal dock and surprise surprise both municipal mayors are called McKays. That in itself is odd but really nothing more.

Council in Nanaimo wants to get rid of the mayor, the mayor wants to dump his colleagues around the council table while the population is up in arms. They are in an ugly mood about dissection at town hall and  the possible decision  to offload   marina/ ocean front property to a private concern.

So there you are…..sound familiar?  One can only imagine the time one of the principles would have taken  trolling for policy makers in Nanaimo to support his cause……similar to fishing for potential candidates to wine, dine and conquer back at the homestead.

There will be lots more to cover so please stay tuned. It’s like being handed a script and looking surprised knowing full well the outcome well in advance. Might be a great idea for Nanaimo to twin with Midland….now that would be fun.

It also seems that their community has started a petition to stop the development: https://www.change.org/p/bill-veenhof-shaw-ca-env-minister-gov-bc-ca-minister-transportation-gov-bc-ca-stop-the-destruction-of-our-natural-coastline


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  1. Your council is blind to all of this.. what an absolute sham. I am looking into his holding company and its parents… something smells bad here and if your paper won’t look into it and your politicians are all either complicit or absurdly naive, then I will share my findings with your group… maybe some of your readers and members can have an impact.

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