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Homelessness In Our Community

Homelessness In Our Community


Why does North Simcoe have so many homeless, helpless, hungry? Some have said, not since the Great Depression have there been so many unemployed, unhappy and despondent young men, women and families.  There was a time during the lumbering, ship building, grain elevators era in this area, employment was at a record rate in Midland.  Then one time bustling  factories shuttered their doors, rail service was halted, once thriving businesses closed.  A growing catchment area for the super jail and  mental health centre resulted with many of those released staying in the area and not returning to Metro, thus many of them quickly become unemployed,  homeless and hungry.

Experience House in 5-6 years sheltered over 500 males ages 16-82, then it closed. Gift of Grace Soup kitchen under the late Pat Hook which got off the ground at Knox Church three decades or so ago….has been serving a great need providing meals, food and, on occasion clothing.  The Out of the Cold program is active too as are food pantries at Sally Ann and St. Margaret’s.  Experience House helped males find employment, health care, reading skills, alternative housing…..goal was to put purpose back into their lives. One believes it would be wise for all agencies to come together to discuss goals, strategies, avoiding duplication especially at Christmas hamper time.

By coming together organizations could potentially develop a group buying formulae so as to use cash donations more effectively.  In the past the homeless have slept in abandoned cars, slept in igloo like snow banks, culverts and garbage bin dumpsters.

They are North Simcoe’s invisible with similar needs than we: warm shelter adequate food, friendship, love and respect. 


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  1. I feel that we have more homeless people due to mental health they let them out from hospitals set them up they don’t take meds and become homeless I feel it’s a very broken system

  2. I work at Community Reach and would love to talk to you about all the programs we have locally to help end homelessness including emergency shelter at hotels. I would also say that we do work together and don’t overlap our services. Our goal is to help everyone in the area obtain and maintain affordable housing. Maybe the word needs to be spread about our programming. We are a part of the 20,000 homes initiative as well which you can see here http://www.20khomes.ca/

  3. Can someone please provide me with authenticated homelessness statistics, so I can consider if I should assist ?
    Thank You

  4. I have afriend that is homeless, trying to find a part/full time job in Midland. She has found an apt, but OW does not have monies for first and last months. rent. She has no children, and finds nobody will help her, because she is childless….We should be able to assist ppl that are really trying to help themselves. is sad to see one who is really trying. but gets no help. 🙁

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Homelessness In Our Community

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