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The Late Pete Pettersen Had A Great Idea

The Late Pete Pettersen Had A Great Idea


Back in 1960 the late Pete Pettersen, who operated both junior and senior ski jumps at Mountain View Skill Hills, had a great idea and in 1960 it was Canada’s tallest ski jump tower.

A summer ski jumping competition drew competitors and fans both far and wide. Instead of landing on snow, competitors settled down on straw.  While working the afternoon shift on CKOX radio, I received several calls urging me to announce the event had been cancelled “and tell people go home.” I sent a staffer to the ski hills and he learned the event was going full tilt.  Later I learned, callers were a number of shop keepers who worried their sales might go flat if no one went downtown to shop after the event!

Those callers have long since passed away, same with a service club member I sat next to at a club meeting where I was going to transfer membership from Etobicoke to Midland. He worried newcomers would want a new pool, a new arena, a new YMCA, new ball parks and, in due course probably a new hospital. I grew very fond of the guy right up until he too passed away…..mind you he did witness growth in his town and quite frankly his business grew as well.

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What is the point of all of the above?  To make Midland even more welcoming,

we have to get involved, volunteer more, get excited, promote our town wherever we travel to…..doesn’t cost a penny.

For more history about the ski jumps, visit the Huronia Museum’s website or better yet, visit them in person!


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The Late Pete Pettersen Had A Great Idea

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