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Midland Lawn Bowlers Begin Another Season

Midland Lawn Bowlers Begin Another Season


lawn-bowlingMidland Lawn Bowling Club begun another season this past weekend at its marvellous well-kept green overlooking Little Lake. The club is located on the west side of King Street, down a treed lane to one of the “top 10 greens” in the nation.

If you have an image of “old farts” wearing all white pants, blouses and sweaters you couldn’t be further away from the truth. Bowlers range in age from late teens to well into their 90’s.  Name of the game is to bowl your “bowl” (not ball) nearest to a little white ball called the “Jack.”  There are training sessions for newcomers and refreshers for those who wish to brush up on their deliveries or learn what is required to be a “skip”.

There are tournaments, jitneys, invitationals, corn roasts and fish fries to bring bowlers closer together.  The general public is welcome but please leave your pets at home. The occasional rabbit or seagull have been known to chase after jacks.

Bruce Henderson is club president and he has a dedicated committee to work with him. Unlike 10 pin bowling, the “bowl” is weighted so it has a bias and thus throwing to the jack in an arching motion usually fits the bill. “Bowls” themselves have different weights from very light 00 to 5’s.  One can even use a little sticky on “bowls” if they slip out of one’s hand for better grip. Sticky comes in handy too if the green is wet.

Others find drying off the “bowl” with a towel will suffice. On the other hand,  bowlers will use the waxing machine in the club house to clean their “bowls” which also adds a nice grip.  Whatever the trick of the trade….lawn bowling is wonderful, plenty of fresh air, even better still bowling under the lights after sunset.  Hope to see you at the club: Good Bowling!

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Midland Lawn Bowlers Begin Another Season

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